Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: Lake Elsinore reopens after blue-green algae takeover (issue March 8-21)

Call Lake Fix
Such a shame! After redoing State Park, great job, we have to see our lake in such a desperate condition that you can’t go in the water! What in the world is it going to be during summer when temps go up? I live half block up from the lake and I have never ever seen it green during the winter. Something has got to be done now or all that revenue you expect from campers will dry up! No one wants to see the lake as sick and polluted as it is. Someone is not doing their damn job and we are all sick of it. INSTEAD OF LAKE WATCH, LET’S HAVE LAKE FIX! Pitiful, poor Lake Elsinore.
Linda Cowles


Re: Are abandoned vessels problematic in Southern California? (issue March 8-21)

Hefty penalties for lazy folks?
Why aren’t the owners picking up the tab for this?? Seems to me a hefty penalty would be appropriate. I sure as heck don’t want to pay for some lazy <expletive>…


Re: Colleges to face off against each other in 2019 Harbor Cup (issue March 8-21)

Wishing great weather & a safe regatta
Thanks for heads up. Been sailing since little boy. Will this be streamed? Where might I see the daily standings, etc.? Hope you have great weather and a safe regatta.


Re: Convenience store publication sheds positive light on ethanol (issue March 8-21) 

Great for cars, not boats
Gummed carburetor jets, cracked fuel lines. This may be great for cars but not for boats.
Brandon Bolic


Re: Belmont Mooring Co. offers Catalina-like ambiance with mooring rentals off Island White (issue Feb. 8-21)

A call for anchoring seven days a week
Imagine that you‘ve sailed all day from San Diego or Santa Barbara and need a rest for the night. Island White is on the navigation charts as an anchorage, so you head there and throw down your anchor. But it is Wednesday. Out comes the Long Beach Lifeguard boat to tell you that you can’t do what the charts tell you, but you can pay for a mooring. We think that is wrong. This is about fairness and what we have researched is the background, documentation, and argument for that fairness.

Last fall, we met with the Marine Bureau to request anchoring seven days a week. Kurt Borsting (now gone to Newport Beach) was assigned the follow up. His response was that the Bureau was going to keep things as they are. His reasons: It meets with current levels of interest (cites no data); boaters are seemingly fortunate since they don’t have to get a permit (whereas they never have had to.) And he alluded to “undesired long-term informal anchorage that can bring considerable risks and undesired consequences” (again no data nor any indication of what those harms are), but he tossed a bone by giving an additional day on special holidays.

The August 2018 issue of the Long Beach Marine Bureau’s Marine Reader, page 4, was entirely devoted to the Belmont Mooring Co. An advertisement and article sponsored by the Bureau. So already the Bureau is expending public monies to enforce no weekday anchoring and to advise boaters to pick up a mooring by virtue of sending out the lifeguards. The ad says you can pick up a mooring and pay for 10 days. However, the current BM website advertises a 15 day stay!

Now, The Log (Feb.8-21, 2019, p.19) is advertising this formerly free anchorage as an opportunity to pay for the privilege of picking up a mooring. Belmont Mooring will also provide barbeque. We ask if there is a permit to do so and if the Long Beach City Health Department now will need to inspect the new food facility?

We have been out to Island White many times and have never seen nor heard of, nor is it advertised, trash pick-up, blue dye tabs, or pump-outs. The Belmont Mooring Company is not living up to the agreement with the Coastal Commission nor the City.

It is simple call for fairness for seven days a week anchoring. A simple 72 hour anchoring limit any day of the week should be allowed. Such a policy exists in other marinas. It should exist in Long Beach.
Lynn & Mark Nelson


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