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RE: “Fish market could be on deck for Oceanside Harbor” (July 10-23)

I think this is an amazing idea!! It would help local fishermen, create additional jobs and revenue for the city, supply Oceanside residents and tourists with FRESH fish!!! Currently we have to drive about an hour to SD or purchase from a very small, select few restaurants that offer fresh fish. Just the thought of this makes me happy! I definitely recommend and support this idea.. We need this!!! PLEASE… Oceanside Harbors and Beach Advisory Committee, Support and Recommend this!!! Our city NEEDS this!!! Thank you in advance.

Christopher Caserta, Oceanside resident since 82’


WOW! What a great idea! Coordinate it with Thursday’s downtown market and the public could be rest assured of “Fresh” fish!

Dave W.


This is a wonderful idea for Oceanside! I remember my mother going down to get fish at the Newport Beach Dory Fisherman’s Market back in the 90s! She brought back salmon and swordfish wrapped in newspaper! Fresher than fresh! Let’s go for it!

Constance Converse


RE: “East jetty repairs, channel entrance dredging set to begin in Newport Beach” (July 23-Aug. 6)

Wondering what this will do to the quality of Surf and Newport Beach Jerry fields.

Scott E


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2 thoughts on “Letters/Online Comments

  • September 4, 2020 at 4:17 pm

    Were the pdf version. I don’t have time to read your valuable publication online.

  • October 6, 2020 at 12:03 pm

    In response to the fish market in oceanside harbor it is an awesome idea and should be allowed .Unfortunately in Dana Point harbor commercial fisherman have asked for the same thing and have been refused multiple times. With no clear explanation it is not completely understood what their reasoning is and it is unfair . This type of activity would only bring in more people and revenue to every other business in the harbor.



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