Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

RE: “Large gust dismasts former America Cup racing yacht ‘Stars & Stripes’” (Aug. 21- Sept. 3)

I find it hard to accept that a 17-mile gust in a 30 in a different direction would cause this catostrophic failure!!! There had to be a contributing failure of mast that went unnoticed.

Rich Knauer


Not a gust issue. Miss management of the running back stays while maneuvering is the most obvious cause.

John Guenther


I think I remember the Australian boat of this design era breaking in half and sinking in about 45 seconds. So, while these boats were pretty to watch sailing by, the extremes to which they pushed their construction were stupid. S-o-o-o, I guess you could say these boats were pretty, stupid. Sorry – couldn’t resist.

Brett Haring


Ummm – a gust to 17 mph is barely a gust and I should hope this was the “first time it happened” because if this was a regularly occurrence, they shouldn’t be on the water. Perhaps a bit of boating knowledge would help the reporting.


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