Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

RE: “San Diego County’s boating restrictions are still in place” (Aug. 21-Sept. 3)

“The goal is to slow the spread of the virus and to make sure the healthcare system is able to care for all patients.” Please take it from a front-line Emergency Medicine Physician. We have never been overwhelmed in San Diego County. As a matter of fact, most of us would like MORE patients, not less. Volumes in San Diego Hospitals have been drastically reduced across all departments, leading to cuts in hours and pay for physicians. The boating restriction is unreasonable, non-scientific, and does absolutely NOTHING, to reduce viral spread.

Johannes Neuendorf


RE: “Newport Beach Harbor Commission approves policy changes regarding liveaboards in commercial marinas” (Sept. 18-Oct. 1)

Any modification, and subsequent approval by the Newport Beach City Council, to Title 17 regarding live-aboard status should be given the full consideration of the provision of fire suppression capability of the Newport Beach Fire Department (NBFD). Currently, the NBFD has no internal capability to deliver adequate fire suppression capability for water borne vessels away from a dock. This is particularly important when a live-aboard, essentially a townhouse on the water, is occupied with people. City Council members should demand adequate funding of effective and proper fire suppression vessels, and proper marine firefighting training of fire department personnel, so that residents who call the water home can rest assured their local fire department is able to adequately respond to an emergency call for service due to uncontrolled fire aboard a vessel.



RE: “One year since Conception: victims remembered as investigation results expected” (Sept. 18-Oct. 1)

Although tragic, this one incident set the marine insurance industry on its ears! Many boat owners with boats over 25 years old or older can no longer find affordable boat insurance.
Thomas Teseniar

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