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RE: “New tool aims to reduce ship collisions with endangered whales in Santa Barbara Channel” (Oct. 30- Nov. 12)

Whales can hear each other 1,000 miles away. Or that’s what they said in the Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island. Why not simply have a forward sonar at whale frequency on commercial vessels. Instead of sneaking up on them …

Stanley Hetrick


RE: “Ineffective oversight named probable cause of Conception fire; NTSB calls for safety changes” (Oct. 30- Nov. 12)

So . . . Now what happens to Truth Aquatics and all their employees? Will they be forced into bankruptcy? I’m sure the civil damages will greatly exceed their insurance coverage. Regardless, it’s too bad. I’ve been on their boats and the dives were excellent. If they had only one crew member awake…

Doug Iversen


A person sleeping in the bunkroom is roving? In my opinion that is a stretch of both language and imagination.

Brian Aherne


Tragic to say the least! So many little potential risks that go unnoticed until tragedy strikes! Hindsight has a way of making it all seem so clear!

Jerry Northcutt


Seems that the CG should have some culpability. Boat passed all CG inspection? How rigorous are these inspections? Wonder if somebody radioed the inspection reports.

Robo eng

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