Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

RE: “Bidding Farewell: Thank You, Log Readers!” (Nov.13-26)

Parimal, thank you for keeping an eye on local maritime governmental matters and for doing your best to keep them honest! We hope you enjoy Austin; it is a fantastic city!

Newport Boaters


Parimal, you will be deeply missed! You have brought a level of excellence to waterfront reporting that those of us in the industry have rarely seen. We could always count on you to be where the story was, and to give a true reporter’s eye and skepticism to whatever the topic. No one ever accused you of “fake news”! Your absence will leave a void, which I hope your former employer will quickly attempt to fill. Though it is unlikely that any replacement will meet your standard of excellence, we are going to demand an effort – because you have created that expectation with your reporting. Fair skies and smooth seas to you, and best of luck with the new gig!

Dean West


RE: “Ask a Maritime Attorney: Probate, Taxes and Selling a Boat” (Nov. 13-26)

David Weil’s column is always a highlight in my reading of the Log. I hope we can read about more legal wrangling in future issues.

Bruce Brewer

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