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RE: Santa Barbara’s Slip Assignment Policy Subcommittee holds first meeting (Nov. 27- Dec. 10)

Nice to see how much thought is given to how local government can most efficiently dig around in people’s pockets.



RE:Ventura County cancels 2020 Parade of Lights” (Nov. 13-26)

I think that it should still happen since we will all be social distant, wearing masks and the people who own the boat with be plenty safe.



RE:Newport Beach boaters planning ‘official unofficial’ Christmas boat parade” (Dec. 11-24)

Please have the parade – Invite Newsom – he loves a good party!  Only if he can swim — Safety First!

Captian Rogers


Christmas boat parade is on! YES! As an OC resident for over 40 years, I am thrilled to read parade continues. Let the adults run their lives, not Newsom.

Judy Wasserman


RE: “Ask a Maritime Attorney: Sales Tax Assessment and Buying a Boat” (Nov. 27 -Dec. 10)

I love this guy’s column. It seems that most of the problems he is asked to fix are rooted in human greed. People are always trying to buy something cheap or avoid fees.

Bruce Brewer


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