Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: It’s back: New proposal takes aim at 12-month fishing license (March 8-21 issue)

Skeptical for sure
Good luck. Believe it when it passes. Those morons will screw it up again when it gets down to the final vote – they always do.
Mark Henry Sahs via Facebook

Re: EPA releases E15 rulemaking proposal (March 22-April 4 issue) 

The peons always get screwed…
Ethanol in gas has been proven to be destructive of engines and fuel components, lowers gas mileage and actually creates more smog.  Plus, it takes well over a gallon of oil to create a gallon of ethanol.  So why exactly are we being mandated to use it?  Oh, that is right, the politically connected profit off of it, while us peons get screwed.


Let the farmer grow food, not fuel
I totally agree with you [Munnster]. The public gets to hold the bag and even winds up paying the penalty while the corn lobby licks their chops. Let farmers grow food not poor fuel that does not really improve anything but a small group of people’s pockets heavy.
Thomas Jordan


Re: Harbor fee resolution approved by Avalon City Council (March 22-April 4 issue)


Regarding a print error for renting Avalon moorings
Hi, didn’t know if you were advised of an error in your most recent The Log story about Avalon City Council actions on page 16, last column. You cannot make Avalon harbor mooring reservations by telephone or by online contact to the Harbor Department. This only applies to Isthmus moorings. Upon reading your article, I immediately called the Avalon Harbor Department to confirm. They stated the article is incorrect and you have to be at the front of the harbor entrance with your boat to be assigned a mooring. Oh well, maybe someday… I did go to the online site you mentioned and you can see a chart showing what boat size and number of moorings are available on a given day in Avalon, which helps with planning trips.
Bob Ballew

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