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RE: “Channel Islands Harbor Partners gives up exclusive lease agreement for Fisherman’s Wharf” (Dec. 25-Jan. 7)

Well well, the grandiose plans of the elite have come crashing down and now lay smoldering in the beautiful waters of our harbor! Again the elites look to another consultant to save their bacon with still another way to develop property no one else wants developed! Since the maintenance money for Fisherman’s Wharf has been spent elsewhere, there is now no money for refurbishment! The obvious direction forward is long term leases on the existing buildings including lowering harbor tax’s! This approach will get the place up and running quickly as well as remedy an eyesore! The harbor can maintain the common and parking areas as well as the signature Lighthouse too. But unfortunately, we probably won’t see this plan initiated because it’s too simple and has “all kinds of problems”! We will wait and see!

Jerry Northcutt


Sandoval’s comments are self-serving and inaccurate. The proposed megalopolis would have put a strain on local infrastructure and ecology. In addition, it would completely betray its bequeathed and intended use as “visitor-serving.” City agreed, residents agreed, visitors agreed, Coastal Commission agrees. Sandoval/Board of Supervisors are the odd men out.

Since the property is not mortgaged and doesn’t pay taxes, its financial load is far lighter than most. It could be self-sustaining with some individual parcel developers/even lease holders, and competent management, something not now in evidence.



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