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RE: “Channel Islands Harbor Partners gives up exclusive lease agreement for Fisherman’s Wharf” (Dec. 25-Jan. 7)

I am glad the huge apartment complex will not be going forward, but my concern grows about the ability of the Harbor to get anything done there. There are buildings all around the Channel Islands Harbor that are in great locations, but remain derelict ruins instead of bars, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. Clearly lack of funds is not the only problem here.

Ventura Boat Services


RE: “Illegal charters discussed in Marina del Rey” (Jan. 8-21)

How about a charter to Catalina?

Eugene Harrison

RE: Electric foil surfboards causing waves in Oceanside Harbor, are they considered vessels?” (Dec. 11-25)

Interesting dilemma. Does it make sense to regulate the heck out of the motorized foil boards given they don’t make a wake or much noise? They don’t really bother others in the same way a jet ski speeding through the harbor does by making a wake and rocking other boats.

Tolerant Boater

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