Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

RE: Scripps Completes Seafloor Survey of Dumpsite off the Coast (April 30 – May 13)

If any of the involved parties can be identified, could the area be treated as a hazmat site, with cleanup and remediation paid for by those responsible?

Brian Aherne


Growing up in the South Bay and fishing the Santa Monica Bay we have all known of this issue for years and it has been 50 years since any dumping has been done the specific gravity of the actual DDT is well above sea water the natural circulation by current sweeps south along the coast offshore down into Baja and across Hawaii it may be prevalent still in the local seabed but the solvents/ propellants have long dissipated. Stirring up the sentiment at that depth would most likely introduce further contamination I believe. Not a lot of critters feed at those depths from the sediment and any that did 50-90 years ago probably adapted to shallower areas perished or just got through it. Our oceans definitely need protection and mostly from humans interfering with how it deals with life messing with it.

Don Clark


RE: “Q&A” (April 20 – May 13)

Mi amor de log


Lisa Hmphy-Ditimus

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