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Re: What in the world to do with California’s sea lion population? (issue April 5-18)

A Nuisance on Society and the Sea …
Sea Lions have become a nuisance. The obvious and sensible solution is reducing their population. They eat 75 lbs of fish a day from our local waters. California formed Marine Protected Areas to keep man out to preserve the fish populations. Fishermen do not harvest 22,500,000 pounds of fish a day from local CA waters. The biggest threat to fish populations in local waters is the CA Sea Lion with their veracious appetites.
Bill Hokstad


Re: Catalina Island Company announces activities to mark William Wrigley Jr.’s purchase of the island 100 years ago (issue April 5-18)

Living’ the Dream
You know I’m lucky enough to live on Catalina Island doing maintenance at one of the many kid’s camps located here. Gotta say, I’ve never seen the island so green and beautiful as it is now from the recent rains so if there ever is a time to visit the island, this event is the one to make! Signed, Living The Dream!


Re: DBW Mandate: California harbors must fulfill boat share quota [satire] (issue March 22-April 4)

The Log Strikes Again
Every year on April 1st The Log strikes! Was it last year or year before they wrote the casino in Avalon would start allowing real gambling?
Larry Nelson via Facebook

Sure, That’s Right …
Yeah, let’s have the homeless stay on yachts. This has to be an April Fools’ joke.
Tim Miller via Facebook


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