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Re: Avalon continues discussions on Sidewalk Vendor Bill regulations (issue May 3-16)

 Assigned vendors at the Fuel Dock?
I read the rough regulations and not many spots are available around town. Maybe assign each vendor a measured spot where the old fuel dock was?
Larry Nelson via Facebook


Re: State Senate mulls over proposal to create a ‘Climate Resilience Officer’ (issue May 3-16)

Taxes, taxes and more taxes
What will they tax next for this position?? Gotta love politics.
Derek James Fox

California’s tax haven
Welcome to California. Another tax paid – non-elected politician that no one knows what the hell he/she does. WTF?
Mark Henry Sahs


Re: Endangered Efforts: Time to Bid Farewell to Vaquita? (issue April 19-May 2)

Humans may be next …
Not only is it too late to save these vaquitas – humans themselves won’t be around for much longer either if we continue with the destruction.
Donut Matter


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