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Re: Orange County Sheriff’s Department reduces public dock use from 72 hours to 20 minutes (issue May 17-30)

Letter From Lt. Chris Corn
1) The Sheriff’s Department does not “rent the facility.” We have been contracted and paid by OC Parks to enforce the law, conduct rescues, fight fires, etc, in all three Orange County Harbors and 48 miles of Coastline. We also manage the two docks at our facility and the 18 County moorings in Newport Harbor. We have been doing this for the last 44 years. Your article made it appear that the Harbor Patrol is just renters at the facility that is far from the truth.
2) The dock in questions is a pump out station not a “fueling station.”
3) The time limits were changed due to the congestion of the dinghy tie up area, and that people were storing their boats at the dock, reducing the availability for other boaters. It had nothing to do with the “fueling station.” The City of Newport Beach just did something similar at their 15th Street public dock, as you heard at the harbor commission meeting that you and I attended.
4) We, the Sheriff’s Department, do not implement laws, we enforce the laws. Time limit changes on our docks are not laws; they are guidelines that can be change to better serve the public. Which is what was done at our dock. This will keep the boats moving on the dock, not allowing boaters to basically get free storage, clogging up the dock for the temporary users. As I mentioned to you on the phone, one boater told me he had been storing his boat there for FOUR YEARS!!
Lieutenant Chris Corn, Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Harbor Patrol


Re: Boater Beware: Isthmus Reef strikes again? (issue May 17-30)

Not the Only Idiot
This is really funny because I “Passed the Bar” myself once. I saw the two poles and thought I was supposed to go between them–thank God for high tides! When we went ashore, we saw a sign showing that we were the 11th boat to cross over that day. So, I wasn’t the only idiot.
Wayne Ford via Facebook


Re: Ventura County harbor director replies to op-ed, addressing harbor redevelopment (issue May 17-30)

Props to Channel Islands
The Channel Islands Harbor Manager is doing a great job presenting the workshops! Keep up the good work!
Ty Keith via Facebook

Informative & Transparent
The workshops are informative and Mark Sandoval has tried to be more transparent. Unfortunately he inherited a very difficult situation from the previous incompetent Harbor Director, who made a lot of deals that he feels he cannot get out of. Fortunately the Community has stepped up to educate him and help try to make sure that responsible development happens on the few remaining parcels around our harbor that are visitor serving
Jackie Pinson via Facebook


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