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Fourth of July nightmare

 Fourth of July nightmare

I live in San Pedro. If you had been there for the Fourth  of July shows, you spent a get deal of time trying to get out of there when it was over. Shows you the foresight of any of the politico’s that want to expand attractions on the waterfront. What they need before they start restructure of anything is a complete makeover of the roads that will give the wanted public access. it is a nightmare to get around as it is, especially on the weekends and special events.

Makoto Uyeda
Submitted on TheLog.com

McIntosh goes ‘beyond the call of duty’ 

Re: Duncan McIntosh at the helm as The Log navigates to 1,000th issue (June 19 issue). After reading Duncan McIntosh, you have only touched the top of the Duncan iceberg. I have known Duncan for over 20 years and he is a private man; he does things above the call of duty, like put a boat in his Lido Boat Show — big yachts or little and you will get a Rolls Royce service. He is a man of his word and can be trusted with anything that comes his way — just ask his employees they love him and work hard to make Sea Magazine and The Log a positive force in our industries! And he likes dogs. Congratulations my friend it’s a pleasure to be part of your legend!

Best regards, ><))))):>

Paul Caronna
Scott B. Jones Yacht & Ship Brokers
San Diego

Remembering Suzi Green

Re: In Memoriam: Suzi Green (May 22 issue). Barry, we have never met but I know Suzi loved you very much. I hope that we can meet someday. I loved Suzi. I loved the seven years I worked for and with Suzi. Suzi and I became close friends. She is godmother to my son Tyler. Suzi and I had so many good, fun times together in San Diego, Ventura, Rosarito and on the Huntress in Cabo San Lucas. I have so many wonderful memories of Suzi that I will always cherish. She was so much fun and just a really good person. She was very talented and succeeded in everything she did. In addition to being a very successful yacht broker and fisherwoman, she was an exceptional decorator on yachts. My condolences to you, Barry, and to her sister and family. I miss Suzi so much and I am very heartbroken that my son Tyler and I will never see her again in this world.

Linda Smith-Rennie
Submitted on TheLog.com

Thoughts on moorings, fishermen’s bill 

Submitted on The Log’s Facebook page:

Re: State Senate committee supports fishermen’s market bill (June 19 issue). That’s nice. Now where are local fishermen supposed to fish locally with all the closures? This concept only works with fish are fresh caught and sold as soon as possible.

Chris Winter

Re: Company experimenting with mooring field near Belmont Shore (July 3 issue). Didn’t this start two years ago?

John Williams

Long experiment.

Joe Teal



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