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Letters/Comments: Desalination, Banning Ranch, Sea Level Rise, Red Sails

Desal plants are a must for California

Re: Is desalination the answer to our persistent drought problems? (Sept. 9 issue). There should be no arguments or debating, several desal plants need to be constructed up and down the coast. The southwest is a natural desert, with little water. It is unnatural that millions of us live here, so unnatural solutions must be provided.

Dave P.

Desal: It’s more expensive than you think

Re: Is desalination the answer to our persistent drought problems? (Sept. 9 issue). Thanks to “The Log” for your continuously improving coverage of three interests; boating, fishing and science. The recent comprehensive article on desalination (Sept. 9-22, 2016) provides your readers an excellent overview of the problem, proposed solutions and the pros and cons of their implementation. There are, however, serious omissions regarding some of the hidden and extreme costs of building and operating a desalination plant. R.O. plants typically employ many banks of high-pressure pumps driven by electric motors and, as Poseidon states, “would not emit greenhouse gases.” The plants do, however, create a high demand for electrical power. This power would be generated for the H.B. desal plant by burning fossil fuel (if the adjacent electrical generating plant still uses bunker oil. I suspect this is the goo, which fouled our shoreline after a supply ship mishap, several years ago). This and other power generating plants may burn different fossil fuels, including methane (natural gas). The short- and long-term costs of using fossil fuels must be added to the total burden. These costs include reduced air quality with temperature increase and significant CO2 emissions, all contributing to climate change.

P.J. Wall

Respect SoCal’s natural land

Re: Banning Ranch proposal put on life support (Sept. 23 issue). Oh good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good. The callous greed-minded developers who over the years have virtually decimated every bit of natural open space and animal habitat have literally been halted. Southern California has lost acres of natural land to “individuals” who have absolutely no respect for its right to exist.

John Small

Do your part

Re: Sea level rise: Inaction today, future generations underground tomorrow? (Sept. 23 issue). Of course sea levels will rise regardless of what man does. For the pea brains that think we can stop the continued decline of the ice age then I have a bridge to sell. The earth has gone through this many times. We need to continue to clean up after ourselves but not to the point that we impact the lives of the poor and the middle class through phony carbon taxes that are seldom used for what the politicians have sold us on in order to use it to balance their out of control budgets.


Saying goodbye to Red Sails

Re: Saying goodbye to another slice of San Diego’s maritime heritage (Sept. 9 issue). I have been visiting Red Sails for most of my life (I’m 35). My grandfather was a yacht club member and used to take me here all the time. Our favorite was the crab salad. This has become my favorite place to dine, and I have been coming here on my birthday each year. I was shocked and saddened to hear of its closing. I don’t know what to say, other than times are changing. Old family-run restaurants are being pushed out by corporate chains and it’s a damn shame. I will miss this place, and will always remember the great food, historic décor, and the pleasant employees of the Red Sails. Thank you for everything over the years.

Christopher Hart

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Best cities for boaters?

The Log: #Redfin lists the 10 best US cities for #boaters. Only 1 #WestCoast city made the list. It’s not in #California. (The 10 Best U.S. Cities for Boaters, Redfin.com.)

Randy Sysol So they base the list on the percentage of waterfront property? What’s that got to do with boating? Most of those Florida towns are trying to pass laws outlawing anchoring in front of their homes. Not very boater friendly IMHO.


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