Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: Channel Islands Harbor dispute resolution postponed (Sept. 22-Oct. 5 issue)

 County zoning in on property

Oxnard has this landslide zoned properly since inception. The state and the city are holding firm on their ordinances and laws which are landside zoning/ordinances, because this is not a regular piece of land; it’s donated with specific uses and tax code allows no profit on land that was donated to public. County is trying to force a zoning change for the developer that they have helped tie this property up and others for 4 years with no competitive bids from other developers. No jobs come to area from this project either.

Dotty Pringle


Re: One of the largest pirate festivals in the nation happens at Two Harbors (Sept. 22-Oct. 5 issue)

Festival was free

Used to be free and fun, now it’s too expensive.

Jim Debeck

 Let’s go

Let’s get a boat.

Rob Gaddis

Make it fun – not expensive

Make it fun but don’t get too commercial (pay to get on beach?). Don’t ruin Two Harbors like Avalon. Love the old days!


Re: SoCal Classics: Wicked (Sept. 22-Oct. 5 issue)

 Chris Craft at its finest

A 19-foot Racer – one of Chris Craft’s best models. I had one with an original MBL engine for several years. Wish I had it back.


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