Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: SB 187: Questions Abound About Fishing License Bill’s Failure (Oct. 20-Nov. 2 issue)

Get Fletcher out

Thanks to The Log for looking into the perplexing death of this popular bill. In addition to broad-based support, the bill actually made sense, and would have gone a long ways towards turning around the alarming decrease in California fishing licenses. Fewer fishermen have a significant negative effect on the state’s coffers, drying up funding streams for fish stocking, conservation programs, junior outreach, etc. If as suspected Gonzalez Fletcher was complicit in this, she needs to be outed and own up to it. It is outrageous that a representative of San Diego would be so arrogant and short-sighted. It will be interesting to see if she has the spine to respond. If she is the culprit, California fishermen need to show up in force at the ballot box, and get her out.

Dean A. West

Why kill the bill?

Thank you, The Log, for looking into this. I have often not bought a fishing license because the year was more than half over. There must be a reason this bill was killed, and I sure would like to know why.

Robert Davies

Corrupt politician

We all know Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher does not vote for anything unless you line her lockers with money. She is a typical corrupt politician.

Richard Thomas

No common sense

Called the office as you shared. Nice person answered and stated this is the process and tried to explain that a lot of the bills don’t go thru because of fiscal issues, etc. I shared that this is a pay for service, it isn’t being given for free. Fees are added to our fishing license from time to time. Fishermen and women wouldn’t mind a $5 fee, if it meant our license was good for a full year. It was recommended I go on the website and look at the analytics or call the author for a possible answer. My opinion – whether you call it a vote or a decision, the members of the committee had to say “yes” or “no” whether or not SB187 moved further forward or not. Common sense definitely did not come into play for this bill, which would’ve helped everyday folks who fish and pay for the privilege even just a little bit.

Timmy Forney

Corrupt California

Corrupt politician on the take from the corrupt humane society – only in California with the anti hunting and fishing group put on the fish and wildlife commission by our anti fishing and hunting billionaire Gov. Brown out of touch with the people of California bought another politician.

Tom Waldron

Higher price fish

Less licenses sold [means] more fish for commercial fisherman to sell to restaurants at high prices to consumers. Fish was a poor man’s food, no longer. A $10 fish sandwich anyone?

Richard Sells

Sad news for fisheries

Hello Parimal – Great investigative reporting. In particular, I appreciate your call for transparency. The sportfishing community worked many years to earn the support of nearly every state organization representing business, labor, travel, boaters, marinas, campgrounds, hospitality and more. As a consequence, a bill supported by all and opposed by none is dead. The defeat of this bill will not only harm the state fisheries dependent on fishing license revenue, but our state and local economy. Sportfishing contributes over $4.6 billion to our state’s economy each year! The defeat of this non-controversial bill is very sad…very disappointing.

Marko Mlikotin, Executive Director, California Sportfishing League

Swampy San Diego

Welcome to the SWAMP! You’re getting an up-close introduction to one of San Diego’s own swamp monsters. Whatever happened to serving the public’s interests and safe guarding a healthy resource for state’s residents? I now refer to California as the “State of Confusion” not California – and the U.S., not as the United States, but as “Under Siege”. You can’t over run the state with the undocumented, give them free health care, education and financial support without blowing up our fiscal resources. WE CANT GET A SIMPLE FISHING BILL PASSED WHEN 40% of KINDERGARDENERS CAN NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. Immigration does matter! This state is being ruined for the benefit of persons that were not born here nor love this country and its culture. It’s bull@$$t. The swamp monsters will do anything to get these undocumented converted to voters including giving this country away to serve their own selfish interests.

Disgusted and Voting for Change

The death of fishing

I have seen this trend since 88-89 – the killing of the fish, the stupid laws that are hard to understand, bag limits that make it too expensive to fish for them, blocking off bank fishing, high price license along with the high prices of tackle and fuel added to it all. It is getting to not be worth the trouble, and I love to fish. Now with the tunnels and draining the delta and lakes, to send the water south stopping the fishermen from fishing, will free all the water up for exporting it south, because no one will care about the fish anymore.

James Parson

Fight for our right

We have to stand up to the people who are against us.

Robert Messick

Re: Attempt to make E15 available year-round fails in Senate (Oct. 20-Nov. 2 issue)

Fixing the issue

E15 can be sold year round in reformulated gasoline markets (RFG – which is 30% of all fuel sold) without any action from Congress or EPA. EPA Administrator announced late yesterday that he was exploring options to fix this issue administratively without Congress.

Robert White

Re: The Cult of Personality: Re-envisioning Southern California Waterfronts (Oct. 6-19 issue)

The good old days

It’s too late. Just take a trip down PCH. Old charm is gone. Houses and big development everywhere – SAD. Good bye “good old days.”


Little thought for boaters

Thanks for bringing this up. There seems to be a lot of development proposals aimed at generating more revenue for the local political governing body, such as county or city, that controls the port but little thought for the boaters. I think we just aren’t politicized enough. Minor correction: the “Little Red Schoolhouse” at Two Harbors has been closed for a couple of years now.

Jay Becker

Re: Anglers fight unknown enemy in fight for fishing reform (Oct. 6-19 issue)

Peek-a-boo, I see you

Your editorial about the fishing license bill dying in the Assembly was very interesting. As soon as I read that the chairman of the committee was a representative from San Diego, I knew who the culprit was. Even though the article did not mention her name, I was sure it was Lorena Gonzalez, and sure enough, I looked it up and it was her. The bottom line is this: Ms. Gonzalez is only interested in issues that involve “labor” and social causes. She couldn’t care less about the rest of us.

James Brannen

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