Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: Offshore Fish Farm Highlights Latest Round of Blue Economy Pilot Programs (Nov. 3-16 issue)


Aquaculture is the long-term solution Mother Earth needs

In regard to your article regarding Offshore Fish Farming offshore of San Diego in the Nov. 3 issue of The Log, I would like to expound on the sustainability of such endeavors and illustrate that there is a much better solution to feed and nourish the future generations of planet Earth.  Aquaculture is comparable to riding horses for transportation instead of using automobiles or flying in propeller planes instead of using jets. Let us skip the inefficient and ecologically destructive practice of fish farming and just proceed to the future of food production; the growing of protein in labs (warehouses) in which cloning and in-vitro production is used to produce fish and meat products. Google Finless Foods or Memphis Meats and you will see what the future holds; real sustainable food that will feed the billions of humans without the destruction of our environment. Like Apple and Microsoft, there will be large sums of money made on the investment of feeding the world sustainably with this process, using a long term, positive solution; not with some temporary, negative impact, limited money making investments like aquaculture.

Anthony Palombit, via email


Re: Pumpouts in Southern California: Are boaters pumping or dumping? (Nov. 17-30 issue)


Living the good life in Marina del Rey

I’m fortunate my Marina del Rey liveaboard slip offers free, in slip pumpout.

Larry Nelson, via Facebook


Re: California’s Gasoline Tax Hike Hits Boaters (Nov. 17-30 issue)


Off-roaders share the same pain

Well not as a boater. However my OHV excursions will be fewer. I can’t imagine how bad it is on these big ships with 1,000+ gallon diesel engine tanks.

Chris Winter, via Facebook


Spending other people’s money

If you can’t afford 12¢ a gallon, you really shouldn’t own a boat.

Guy Gilbert


Stop drinking the Kool-Aid – it’s filled with gasoline

Boating should be for everyone especially families, which many have a hard time making ends meet. Raising tax on gas is the politician’s answer for misspending their budget. Since November 1, 2017, Californians now pay 41.7 cents per gallon. The folks that say if you can’t afford the 12 cents you shouldn’t have a boat need to get off the Kool-Aid and smell the coffee. Eliminating lower income folks from boating or limiting their boating time with their families is terrible. There should be a petition to get rid of the governor. This is bad leadership.



Re: The Cult of Personality: Re-envisioning Southern California Waterfronts (Oct. 3-19 issue)


A Message from Redondo Beach

To the people of Long Beach, why would you want to continue to work with a company that can’t even follow through with their contract obligations? After just nine months the city of Redondo Beach formally terminated CenterCal’s contract anticipating its 99-year proposed lease for their mall in our harbor. This termination resulted from CenterCal’s multiple contract violations in the first few months that were never corrected. While this contract termination is yet another win for Redondo residents, the battle isn’t over, as CenterCal will most likely continue to sue everyone. Seeing what they have done in Redondo Beach, are you sure it’s something you want to experience first hand as well? All I can say is I hope you have good legal representation you may need it.

Wayne Craig

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