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Re: Public workshops for boat ramp in Redondo Beach approved for February 2018 (Dec. 15-28 issue)


Feedback from a Council Member

I just wanted to point out a few concerning aspects of the Dec. 15 article The Log posted.


– “Initially a boat ramp was proposed to be built on the Mole B site, but this was scrapped after the Coastal Commission found several ‘substantial issues.’”

To be clear Mole B was not scrapped. The application is still before the Coastal Commission. Typically the CCC will either approve something outright (rare) or they will find substantial issue, which warrants a full hearing before the commission. That is exactly what has happened and will happen. To say it was scrapped due to findings of substantial issue is incorrect.

The city is simply exploring other Moles concurrently and may pursue concurrent applications for a boat ramp based on feedback.

– “Several weeks ago, Redondo Beach officially cut ties with CenterCal.”

As part of legal proceedings the city has sent Center Cal a letter terminating the ALPIF due to breaches in the contract language. This is a legal matter at this time and could be potentially costly.

– The proposed waterfront project was not a super-structure. That leads one to believe there would have been one massive building. That was not the case. The “Five Fatal Flaws” mentioned were assumptions used by opponents of the project. It almost reads as if they were part of a factual study.


Christian Horvath, Redondo Beach Council Member, via email


Re: Environmental Protection Agency set 2018 targets for ethanol (Dec. 15-28 issue)


A ploy for the powerful corn lobby

All you have to do is look at what is heading the EPA to know that this not for the environment but for the powerful corn lobby to make more money at the cost of the boaters in this country. However, it also impacts everyone who owns chainsaws, generators, lawnmowers and the list goes on.

The ethanol damages the fuel lines and all the plastics in the fuel system. If you look at the warranties on these items, the fuel system isn’t covered. Why? Because they know that even if you run the engine, the ethanol has already coated the fuel system equipment and will continue to eat away at the plastics and O-rings. I know this to be a fact, for it just happened to me this past spring. I bought a brush-cutter brand new and in less than three months I had to have a new primer ball replaced and was charged for it as the manufacturer doesn’t cover fuel systems anymore because of ethanol.

James Tobin

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One thought on “Letters/Online Comments

  • January 25, 2018 at 8:22 pm

    Councilman Horvath again shows his bias toward the CenterCal Mall. He voted to pass the flawed EIR for the project and rejected an appeal on the EIR approval despite significant evidence of the flaws. Nearly the same appeal was filed with Coastal Commission and the Commission unanimously found significant issues reflecting nearly every point brought up in the appeal. Horvath also chose to ignore every public safety who patrols the harbor on a daily basis by rejecting the appeal on the boat ramp. Redondo’s Harbor Patrol staff and the Baywatch Redondo staff all oppose the Mole B location because it represents a significant danger to boaters in the harbor due to lack of maneuvering space, limited sight lines and the amount of traffic at this critical corner in the harbor. The Community rejected Horvath’s pet project – every precinct in every district voted for Measure C which would scale back the project substantially and require the boat ramp in a safe location. It is a shame that rather that reflect the will of the voters in the city and his own district, Horvath chose to make nit-picky corrections to the article.



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