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Re: Boaters Beware: “See a blow, go slow!” (Nov. 3-16 issue)


Help NOAA Track Whales

Thank you so much for asking boaters to keep an eye out for whales and to transit slowly. Our work at the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary also includes asking boaters to watch for whales. NOAA is asking for the public’s help in tracking whales. If you see whales, please record the date and location, the number of whales, the species (if known) and a description of the animals and report sightings through WhaleAlert, a free application available at westcoast.whalealert.org.

Aubrie Fowler, NOAA


Re: NMMA: Federal tax reform provides “wins” for marine industry” (Dec. 29-Jan.11 issue)


Where’s the cap?

What can be done to convince California to put a cap on sales tax on boats so that state collects some tax rather than most large boat purchases going out of state to pay nothing? Boats are highly overtaxed; both sales tax on purchase and annual property tax is just like a home. Florida has an $18,000 cap, which collects quite a lot of tax. California always seems to address its fiscal mismanagement by further increasing the already high tax rates. As more companies and taxpayers move out of the state to avoid the high taxes, the answer is to raise taxes on those who remain.

Paul Devore


Re: “Taxes, Taxes, Oh Those Persistent Taxes: Second Home Levies (Again!)” (Dec. 29-Jan.11 issue)


Overtaxed in California

California leaders absolutely love to enact new taxes. They simply cannot help themselves.



RE:  “Making Waves: Who Speaks for Boaters on the Dais?” (Dec. 29-Jan.11 issue)


What Boaters Want

Thank you; I think this is well written, very informative and stresses an important point. Equally important to me, and perhaps the subject of another article, is a list of what the boaters want statewide as well as in the individual marinas. Among the issues, I would like to see affordable slip/mooring prices and preservation of marine services in and near marinas.

David Tanner


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