Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: Make Offshore Drilling Great Again? Trump Administration Seeks Oil Exploration (Jan. 12-25 issue)


The dirty on clean energy

So you spend most of the article talking about the negatives and none talking about the positives. The fact the leases are more than 3 miles offshore, the fact that oil is constantly leaking under natural pressure in the Santa Barbara channel, that any lease that is let will directly provide badly needed money to the general fund of the State and I can go on.

Whether you or the folks that hate oil and natural gas like it, it will take this form of energy and more to power all of their green vehicles. Look it up, you could give everyone in the state a free electric car to replace their gas-powered vehicles and you would crash the entire electric grid trying to charge them since it cannot produce the required amount of power. It gets worse if you replace all of the “dirty” energy with “clean” energy.

If you want to cut your throats and not accept any of the money as Gavin Newsom has stated, along with, “that not a drop of oil or gas from new offshore drilling ever makes landfall in California”, the Federal Government will take that money and laugh all the way to the bank.

For all you folks that are not old enough to have been here when we had active wells, the law required that all that oil was only to be used for the citizens of the State, the fuel prices at that time were some of the lowest in the country not the highest that they have become.

Kevin Pack


Leave the fossil fuels alone

Drilling for oil and natural gas off of our coast is reckless and completely unnecessary. We need to continue moving toward renewable energy sources and leave the fossil fuels under our pristine oceans alone. If only the fossil-thinking Mr. Pack could expand his mind and consider the dangers to our coast and wildlife, instead of simplemindedly supporting right-wing oligarchic money-hungry profiteers, he might have a chance of understanding that there are no positives to this drilling.




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