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Re: Letter/Comments (Dec.29-Jan.11 issue)

Pet project vs. the will of the voters

Councilman Horvath again shows his bias toward the CenterCal Mall. He voted to pass the flawed EIR for the project and rejected an appeal on the EIR approval despite significant evidence of the flaws. Nearly the same appeal was filed with the Coastal Commission and the Commission unanimously found significant issues reflecting nearly every point brought up in the appeal. Horvath also chose to ignore every public safety [staff member] who patrols the harbor on a daily basis by rejecting the appeal on the boat ramp. Redondo’s Harbor Patrol staff and the Baywatch Redondo staff all oppose the Mole B location, because it represents a significant danger to boaters in the harbor due to lack of maneuvering space, limited sight lines and the amount of traffic at this critical corner in the harbor. The Community rejected Horvath’s pet project – every precinct in every district voted for Measure C, which would scale back the project substantially and require the boat ramp [be placed] in a safe location. It is a shame that rather than reflect the will of the voters in the city and his own district, Horvath chose to make nit-picky corrections to the article [Public workshops for boat ramp in Redondo Beach approved for February 2018, issue Dec. 15 – 28].

Jim Light


Re: High Seas: Marijuana, Boating and You (Jan. 26-Feb. 8 issue)


Is secondhand smoke permeating boats?

My concern in regards to the new law is the secondhand smoke issue while in the slip, among other things. Per the San Diego Harbor Police, there is nothing regarding secondhand smoke in the new law.

This is what was sent to me by the above law enforcement agency: “When it comes to vessels, if they are in a slip and plugged in, they are technically at that point not mobile conveyance. If you are living aboard that vessel, it is your home. One is allowed to smoke inside their home or even on a patio or open area within the home/boat. Unfortunately, there are no laws regarding secondhand smoke when  it ‘permeates’ next door.”

Orville Wiseman

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