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 Re: Editorial: Impending decision of Dana Point Harbor manager is tainted (April 7-20 issue)

Gross’ motives questioned

“Gross once personally prevented Ambrosia Brody, The Log’s former reporter and editor, from attending a public meeting in Dana Point.” – this should never happen and I would question any public official’s motivation for doing this.

Scott Croft, BoatUS Vice President of Public Affairs


Gross had his chance

The fact is Orange County has a long history of ethical violations by elected and appointed officials, as well as by employees that serve its multitude of county agencies. If you connect the dots between the county and the management of Dana Point Harbor, the picture paints an image of violations, bullying and poor management of tax payer money. Trust in government is dependent upon officials that place the public interest ahead of their own, Mr. Gross had his chance and failed. Orange County tax payers deserve better.



Gross did a great job

Dear Mr. Rohit, I never make comments on articles, but this one irks me. I am a long time avid boater in Dana Point and have spent time there almost daily for over thirty years. I have followed the “long awaited revitalization” of the harbor with great interest since its inception.  I agree with your statement that “the county has spent more than 20 years trying to revitalize Dana Point Harbor, spending a whopping $20 million of taxpayer money on plans, reviews, consultants, analyses and management firms … but nothing more than a few roadside improvements near the waterfront to show for all the time and money spent.” However, I think you have totally tipped your hand as to your motivation for this article by stating “We also question whether Gross honors freedom of the press. Gross once personally prevented Ambrosia Brody, The Log’s former reporter and editor, from attending a public meeting in Dana Point.”

As always, there are 2 sides to every story, including yours, and I would love to hear the other side. You seem to be on a witch hunt here. We don’t know and you have not presented all of the facts of the County Audit. Exactly what degree of “lack of institutional control on his watch” was there and was he personally responsible for. Again, 2 sides to every story.

When I read in the OC register that Brad had quit, retired or whatever over this I sincerely believe he did so because he was pissed off about this petty Audit that went out of its way to find anything out of order just to justify their existence. Just my opinion. I know most of the vendors in the harbor and I have never heard anything negative about Brad Gross in all the years he has been involved. If the worst thing all politicians or public servants, past present or future, ever did was abuse a hotel discount this world would be am much better place.  I do not know Brad and have never spoken to him. However, if he were to come back in the same capacity I think the County should offer him a lifetime discount to the hotel, put a statue of him at the harbor entrance and have an annual parade in his honor. “Failing to exercise institutional control of the hotel discount program.” REALLY??!! Brad did a great job before and he’ll do an even better job in the future. I hope he gets it and personally invites you to all future public meeting in Dana Point.

I love reading the log and will continue to do so. I just hope it focuses more on informative and factual articles where readers can form their own opinions and less op/ed stuff.  Maybe do an article on the County’s “Mission Statement” for the harbor versus the revitalization plan. Thanks!

Steve Richardson


Gross poorly manages

Mr. Richardson, Please read all the audit reports. This is not about Hotel Discounts. Brad Gross was not managing any of the operating agreements as he was tasked to. That was his main job. No cash controls, no documentation, poor financial accounting, etc. He did not pay attention to anything, or looked the other way. Which was it? At any rate, he did not perform his duties.

The Chamber of Commerce gave him an honor that he was not deserving of. He is a very poor business manager, period.

The Chamber award was for effectively managing two large marinas, launch ramp and dry storage operations, the harbor’s support facilities and its commercial component. Well, that’s what we all assumed. The Audits prove otherwise.

Thank you Log for keeping us informed as to the facts. Keep it up please!

Charles mirich


Re: Boat launch ramp vendor contract approved despite protest (April 7-20 issue)

Build the dock and the wall

Castellanos should be ashamed of himself! To politicize something like this project, simply because his view is different than that of the current presidential administration is shameful.

We need the wall. Good fences make good neighbors. No “Californians” are going to be harmed by building it. No cross border trade or economies will be affected. Stopping the flow of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS is what the wall will control, not the legal and lawful trades or crossings. Mr. Castellanos knows this, but found it necessary to try and make a political point. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), it didn’t work. Hooray for R.E. Staite Construction!!

Alan M.


 Go back to Mexico, Castellanos

I totally agree with you Alan, if Castellanos is so concerned with Mexico I wish he and his kind would relocate there. But that won’t happen just like all the movie stars that threatened to move if President Trump won. I would be more than willing to contribute to that cause, I would even take time off of work to personally move them!



 Re: Alamitos Bay Landing, a potential microcosm of waterfront redevelopment costs (April 7-20 issue)

Boaters pay a lot

We pay a lot for this water and many of us have been here for many years. Nina’s article was fair and accurate and the boaters are very appreciative of the initiative she took in investigating and reporting this.

Michael L.


 Re: Report: Channel Islands National Park infuses $22 million into local economy (April 21-May 4 issue)

 Ulterior motives

Just think how much would be spent IF the Channel Islands were made camper and boater friendly…Counting as visitors those who paid for expensive boat rides around the island is BALONEY…ANOTHER ‘study..’ were the outcome was predetermined by those with an agenda…



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