Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: New Hyatt Hotel and restaurant to begin construction at Channel Islands Harbor (Feb. 23-March 8 issue)


Great news for the military base
This is great news for the military base. We used to use those facilities all the time for meetings and to have our visitors stay at the hotel. Will be nice to be able to do that again.

Renee Will


In the meantime
What will happen to the park in the meantime?

Sivi Hoel


Congratulations to the current California Coastal Commission, Ventura County and the City of Oxnard for coming together to make this happen!

Armando Jimenez


Way overdue
This is WAY overdue. This will greatly enhance the waterfront. That site has been an eyesore for years. And the adjacent marina is basically falling apart.

Phil L.


Re: New Prop. 65 warning will be places on all new California boats (Feb. 23-March 8 issue)


Gov. Brown, horse pucky and the big bucks
What a bunch of [expletive]. Anything that doesn’t grow is bad for you … I am starting a bad-label-making company. Everyone else will be broke as I print this bull and rake in the big bucks. Oh yeah, I will use rice paper and squid ink. Get [Gov.] Brown a final paycheck NOW. He sucks.



White noise
I wonder how toxic the signs themselves are considering their materials and the manufacturing processes involved to produce them. And who reads them anyway? They cry wolf so incessantly that they have become unnoticed white noise in the background of everyday life.

Mike Sergent


Re: Public review process on tap for sea level rise policy guidance (Feb. 23-March 8 issue)


Expert fraud
Let me see, 20 years ago, the “experts” said that the sea level would be 1 to 2 feet higher than what it was in 2000. So far, it is less than an inch and we are really supposed to believe these people who are blowing millions in taxpayer dollars? What a fraud.




Re: Architectural firm has eyes set on building bridge across Marina del Rey channel (Feb. 23-March 8 issue)


Unsightly and unnecessary
This is completely unnecessary. It would be an eyesore, covered in graffiti in minutes, trash will be thrown into the water and as a taxpayer and liveaboard boater in MDR, I have no interest in paying a dime towards this. If people are too lazy to drive 10 minutes or less to reach their destination [then they should] stay at home.

Larry Nelson, via Facebook


Who will pay for this?
The bridge is supposedly going from sand to sand, there are very few bicyclists that ride along the sand, so in addition to the cost of the bridge, we have to pay for a new bike path too? Are you kidding me? Who exactly is going to pay for this? California is already deep in debt and a project like this does absolutely nothing but waste more money. If there is enough interest to fund it privately, fine, but there is no reason to build this. There is already a bike path that crosses down by Mariners Village; there is no reason to waste money building another.

John W.



Maybe the same thing would be good in Newport Harbor. Alleviate traffic on the peninsula. Walk from China Cove to the Wedge.

Russell Grant, via Facebook


Are we there yet?

Not only an eyesore, but by the time you go through all those spirals you would have gotten to the same place faster by going around the marina anyway.

Hayden Boeing, via Facebook


Re: California formally recognizes role of Latinos in environmental conservation (Feb. 23-March 8 issue)


A waste of time
Seriously? This is what our government wastes its time on!



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