Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: Marine sanctuary officials working on invasive species plan (April 6-19 issue)

Public moorings needed
Install some public mooring balls so that boaters can visit the sanctuary without dropping anchor. It will reduce the damage caused to the sanctuary by dragging anchors and the spread of the invasive algae from boaters inadvertently spreading the algae on their anchor and rode from the last anchorage.



Re: Shelter Island Boat Launch Ramp construction continues (March 9-22 issue)

Alternative launch location
You can launch at Glorietta Bay right next to Coronado Bridge.



Re: California state legislators begin to vet 2018 proposals (April 6-19 issue)

AB 2787 lead ban

Don’t forget AB 2787 lead ban. It’s still out there in committee.

Wayne Kotow via Facebook


Re: Advisory board review requested for Dana Point Harbor Patrol funding (April 6-19 issue)


What happens when a boat becomes a submarine or Roman candle?

The OCSD Harbor Patrol is the only agency or service that is immediately available to respond to boater emergencies out of the harbor on a 24/7 basis. The closest fully staffed 24/7 Coast Guard vessel is LA to the north and San Diego to the south. When your boat is about to become a submarine or a Roman candle, you don’t care what it costs to have that service available. You want someone on the way right now. I’m all for finding funding from any source to keep these guys ready to go.

Vic Ray via Facebook


Re: Catalina Island’s Casino Fuel Dock area still in limbo (Apr. 6-19 issue)

Corporate Greed

One of the worst cases of city greed I have ever seen.

Larry Nelson via Facebook


Hard Times

Why is this so hard? Just give it back to the people who had it for years and did a great job, at whatever terms allow them to crack the nut and make a buck.

Bill LeFever via Facebook


Re: L.A. Board of Supervisors endorses draft changes for TMDL regulation (March 23-April 5 issue)

In-water hull cleaning

Multiple studies have shown that in-water hull cleaning activities contribute a fraction of the total copper introduced into the water column from anti-fouling paint. These paints passively leach copper 24/7/365 whether they are cleaned or not.

FastBottoms Hull Diving via Facebook

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