Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: Coastal Commission holds informational hearing on Redondo Beach’s “Waterfront” project (April 20-May 3 issue) 

Where is the documentation?

Dear Ms. Emdee, please provide visuals and backup documentation showing us how coastal access would be increased with this sun-and-view-blocking monstrosity on our shores. Absolutely nothing that CenterCal has presented supports your specious claim. What’s in it for you?

Jack Charles


Catching up on the Waterfront Project

Here is a good summary of the project status. There are many moving pieces to the project and the California Coastal Commission is the biggest (but not the only).

This is a great article from The Log  for you to send around to your friends and neighbors. The battle is far from over; nothing has been won or lost.

Nils Nehrenheim, Redondo Beach City Council


Stay Posted

Do not think that the Pier has been rescued…stay on track! Attend the August Meeting!

Melanie L. Cohen


Application denied … or not?

The CenterCal plans are far too much for the space involved. Deny the application.

Gennaro Pupa


Re: Illegal charter activities still problematic in San Diego (April 20-May 3 issue)

Zeroing in on legal charter regulations

After a conversation with a local USCG Lieutenant, carrying up to 12 passengers is legal, only if you have a bare boat charter agreement between owner and charterer, the owner is not the captain, and the captain is paid separately from the boat by the charterer. If someone has other information, I’d like to hear it!

Capt. Jason Lilley


Re: In Memoriam: Joseph Driscoll (April 20-May 3 issue)

Never forget a true mentor

Joseph was a great mentor and wonderful to work with. He made work effortless. He was an outstanding person and I can say he will never be forgotten!


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One thought on “Letters/Online Comments

  • Brad Baker

    In the latest addition of the log on pages 18 and 19 I noticed a two page advertisement detailing the oil spills in the history of California. It is obvious this is an advertisement on the anti-drilling legislation for California. I have always held the log in the highest regard however this tainted my opinion of this periodical! This is another step in the anti-MARINE/anti-fishing direction. As boaters in the United States we rely on oil to manufacture a fuel. What the environmentalist would like is for drilling in oil production to stop in California as a whole. I was very surprised to see this in the log and disappointed that this periodical would allow itself to be used in this direction. If we do not allow drilling and oil exploration in the state of California are fuel costs will continue to climb which will drastically impact the ability for the California public to obtain reasonably priced fuel to enjoy our boating adventures! As it is, California has some of the highest price fuel supply in the nation. I strongly encourage you to take a look at the advertisements that you place in this periodical prior to publishing. I personally have lost some respect for the log due to this, it is my hope that you will take this to heart and change for the future.



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