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Re: In Memoriam: Philip Tondreault (June 15-28 issue) 

Goodbye to an old friend
I said goodbye to a friend Tuesday and express my sadness to Korla, Alexis, Vivian, Tim (brother) and Mary (sister) who, each in their own way, lost a special person. I know he has joyfully reunited with his mother (Laura) and father (Leo) and now waits in the presence of God for all of us to join with him again for a greater celebration. Godspeed on your journey old friend.
Roy W. Bauman 


Re: Illegal Defense: Imporper Techniques of Seal Prevention (June 15-28 issue)

 Potential danger for human, pet or wilflife
What if a human – child, adult – or pet ventured onto this dock in darkness, unaware of the potentially lethal danger of the nail boards? DUH!
John Delaurentis 

Cruel and abusive
Confirmation that a picture is worth a thousand words. Lazy, intellectually deprived, sociopathic, cruel, abusive and compaionless comes to mind looking at these photos — the individual, club or business that created and instealled these nail docks should be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Electrical wires
I have seen electrified wires placed at marina dock edges at Monterey marinas. I don’t think this is an approved deterrent.


Re: “In-Danger” designation for vaquita habitat could be delayed (June 15-28 issue)

Final hours dawning for the vaquita
The vaquita are doomed, The Colorado river brought nutrients to the Sea of Cortez for thousands of years. It no longer does. Plankton, small fish and shrimp numbers have been slowly diminishing since the dams were built. Not a drop of the Colorado water flows to the sea. The Sea of Cortez has been dying a slow death ever since. Even stopping the gill netting now will not bring back the vaquita. Humans have taken their toll on these small porpoise, it’s very sad!
Steve Robertson


Re: Shelter Island Boat Launch Ramp construction continues (June 15-28 issue)

 Perfectionism … or not?
I’ve emailed them before too. The real problem is that they didn’t expect this, and now if this ramp isn’t perfect we are all going to be upset. And really who can blame us? If you couldn’t predictably manage the time in this day and age, you should be fired or at least black listed as not to be trusted or given projects in the future. And if you couldn’t manage the time, we are pretty sure this repair will not be adequate because you already have proven, you don’t know what you’re doing.


Re: Gov. Brown Veto of Meeting Broadcasts Bill: Where’s the Transparency? (June 1-14 issue)

 Begging the question
Why would it cost so much to video record and broadcast such meetings?
George Miller


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