Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: Shelter Island Boat Launch Ramp to remain closed through August (Jul. 27-Aug. 9 issue)

Spinning out a travesty
Spin from the SDUPD. In 2011, China built a 30 story hotel in 15 days, but the Port of San Diego can’t rebuild a launch ramp in a year and a half (at least)! Check out the list of alternate launch ramps – Oceanside??? Five in Mission Bay?? How do these help the upper San Diego Bay boaters and merchants? The three available San Diego Bay facilities are all in South Bay…unless you are in the military, or are throwing a kayak or SUP into the Bay.

The total lack of culpability or accountability is what makes this drawn-out debacle so maddening. Always spin or excuses, never any responsibility.

How long does anyone think that this project would have taken, had it been a private business tasked with upgrading their facilities and keeping their customers happy, all the while keeping a sharp eye on costs? Three months? Six months? Here we are 14 months out from the awarding of the contract and we STILL don’t have a completion date!

Hang in there fuel docks, bait and tackle shops, delis, boatyards, service providers, chandleries…..the Port is going to bring your lost business back any day…er, week….er, month…..er, year now!

What a travesty.
Dean West


California in general
I agree with Mr. West’s comments, sorry state for San Diego but they are just following in step with California in general.
Martin Winter


Re: In Memoriam: Wayne Rodgers (May 18-31 issue)

Neighbor, friend and confidant
Wayne was my neighbor, my friend, the person I confided in, the person that I listened to his massive collection of music, the person that I danced with for hours in his living room, the person that I trusted the person who inspired me to sail, the person who recommended going to Barnados, the neighbor who always left jis door open and invited me in to eat with him (he fed me a lot) I loved how much he loved his daughter Liz. He was always so excited for her visits He even welcomed her friends my heart is sad I love you Wayne Rogers and I will miss you.
Nancy Dieudonne


Re: Coastal Commission expresses support of shellfish cultivation farm (Jul. 27-Aug. 9 issue)

Why not support aquaculture?
Why didn’t the evil CCC support aquaculture at Tomales Bay? It has one of the highest land use priorities in the Coastal Act, yet the Commission, in cahoots with Ken Salazaar of the Interior Department under Obama ran the Lunny’s out of business. So much for any agreement entered into with the Sierra Club to maintain agriculture/aquaculture in perpetuity!
Frank Drouillard


Re: Surfrider Foundation continues to push for removal of Long Beach breakwater (Jul. 27-Aug. 9 issue)

Money drives the politics
The fate of the breakwater will be determined by the money that drives the politics. It is and never will be about what is the right thing to do to make our beaches better. It will come down to who will pay for it and who will it affect the most in terms of real estate values. It always comes down to the money … sad but true.
Sam Port

Never going to happen
They’re never going to remove the breakwater. It’s just not going to happen.
Lawrence McDowell via Facebook





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