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Re: Oh Deer: Catalina Island facing overpopulation of four-legged island dwellers (issue Jul. 13-26)

 Outrageous deer hunting prices
Maybe if you guys would allow hunters to hunt the deer without paying outrageous prices there would be a lot less deer to cause problems. Or at least lower the price! Thousands of dollars for one deer. Get outta here.


Re: Consider weather when preparing for a Baja voyage (issue Sept. 21-Oct. 4)

Great and timely article Nicole, regards to Arv!


Re: Orcas spotted off the Dana Point coast (issue Sept. 21-Oct. 4)

 Orcas spotted off Catalina
Saw three adults and one young orca just ten minutes from Catalina Avalon Harbor while we approached on the charter AM. Boat Captain cut engines and circled around while orcas swam belly to surface just feet from the side and went under. They arched out of the water, tummy up, and a young one with its mother waved tail as it dove deep once again. It was an amazing sight!
SuzAnne Sherrill


Re: Navigating South of the Red Tape: Mexico Boating (issue Oct. 4-18)

 Take caution while boating south of the border
Great article for those wanting to venture south of the border. It would be worth mentioning the process required when you venture back home too.

Having made the trip multiple times now, probably the most frustrating part of the bureaucracy is the lack of uniformity in the process and fees, depending on the person, place and organization you deal with in Mexico. Cash is king and have lots of it, preferably in pesos, because that is all they usually want to accept for payment. Have lots of small bills because they rarely have change, or so they claim. If you’re paying in dollars, expect an unfavorable exchange rate.

Also, setting aside the allure of boating south of the border and all the romanticism associated with that, the reality of the situation is it comes with a lot more risk than many are willing to admit. For example, if you’re having your boat worked on in Mexico keep in mind capitalism operates much differently down there. The Port Captain works closely with vendors requiring a receipt of work performed has been paid in full, even if you don’t agree with the bill, before they will process you out of the country. In a nutshell, you have no recourse and are essentially held hostage until you pay up regardless of charges. And good luck contesting a bill or negotiating a refund in a dispute after the fact.

Lastly, many of the things that we take for granted north of the border are lacking down south. Simply put, what might be a much lesser issue at home can be catastrophic the further south you venture, especially in terms of health and personal safety.

Boating in Mexico can be a great experience, but it’s not for everyone and for good reason!
O. G. Wiseman

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  • November 9, 2018 at 5:22 pm

    Re fishrap 10 lb bonito. You guys got punked. That guy is holding the fish out on a pole in front of the camera. Probably 1 or 2 lbs. Fun though.



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