Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: San Diego Boat Parade of Lights announces 2018 theme (issue Aug. 24-Sept. 6)

An inquiry from AIGA San Diego
Looking for someone that has a boat (that will be in the San Diego parade, either on December 9th or 16th ) that would be interested in having a group of creative people from AIGA San Diego help decorate in exchange for ride on boat during parade…all inquiries welcome!
Scott Hinkle


Re: American Sailing Association recognizes soldiers and veterans with class discount (issue Oct. 5-18)

 Why not go all out?
This is great news. Why not go all patriot and offer 10 percent off ALL ASA Courses and products for veterans, all the time?
John Dixon


Re: Maine restaurant owner believes marijuana enhances lobsters’ lives and eases death by boiling (issue Oct. 5-18)

A response on behalf of Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound
We much appreciate your interest in our story.

I wish to add that copious testing backed our experimentation. In order to add some viewable proof to our proverbial pudding, in the near future we will make available side by side video footage on our website showing the profound difference our practice makes for the lobster. This, before the product is available to the public next month.

We are moving forward and hope that projects like this lead to discussions about how cannabis can be incorporated into all areas where life is taken as it truly makes the passage a far more compassionate one.

Again, thank you for your interest in our story.
Charlotte Gill, owner of Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound


Re: Does California care about anglers and boaters? (issue Oct. 19-Nov. 1)

Not a care … except for revenue
My opinion, no. Neither do the marinas that house our boats. To all of them, it’s not about boating, it’s about the revenue they can generate.
Larry Nelson via Facebook

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One thought on “Letters/Online Comments

  • Susan Onaboat

    Not surprised about Post 291 and their yacht club. There is always an ongoing ego struggle with the Post Commander and what goes on at the yacht club. Consensus of opinion is that if anyone is having fun that it should be stopped immediately!!! Current Commander is darkest yet. It’s just a total power struggle between grown men who should really know better. But they are bitter and old and out of it. Could never figure it out but it’s an ongoing thing there. The YC used to be a lot of fun but apparently that rubs some folks the wrong way. Instead of maintaining a wonderful environment that gives pleasure and comfort to many, it seems like the minute it starts to work well the Commander has to pull a Trump. We just laugh about it cause it’s so predictable. Been members there for years. But this is the most escalated it’s ever been. No one really understands why. Is it because the YC didn’t get PERMISSION to buy a committee boat like every other YC in the harbor owns? YC pays all the boat bills, boat stays on an offshore mooring. Most ridiculous stuff ever yet.
    Can’t imagine anyone even thought they’d have to ask for permission for that.
    Interesting that YC dues are payable at the beginning of the year so all members are paid in full until Dec. 31st and yet no one can use the yacht club and there are certainly no refunds in the making. I think the legal case should be interesting.



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