Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: Boater accused man of shooting sea lions (issue Nov. 2-15)

Unnecessary investigation
Sounds like every agency known to man investigated and or filed a report due to a non-corroborated complaint. We even have a name but no evidence! Sounds like a lot of wasted time and salaries. A shame that energy was not spent on real crime.
Eric Campbell


Re: Channel Islands staff continues to press for solutions to the water dilemma (issue Nov. 2-15)

Pumps weren’t part of Kiddie Beach plan
The pumps at Seabridge were intended to circulate water at the small swim beach in the shallow bay that was originally proposed in the Seabridge project. This beach was never built. Instead the amphitheater was installed. The pumps were never meant for anything at Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor.
M. Miller


Re: Marina del Rey looks to solidify lease extension and remodel for Parcel 113 area (issue Oct. 19-Nov. 1)

Get back to work, Gov’t
There is plenty of affordable housing in East LA. You shouldn’t get to live anywhere you want because you are poor or an “artist”. This is nuts! Go back to doing your job gov’t and start policing and filling in potholes.


Re: Shelter Island’s boat launch remains closed through September (issue Sept. 21-Oct. 4)

Long on budget, short on time management
Typical government managed project! Never on time and always over budget because of unforeseen circumstances.
Waiting for ramp


Re: Does California care about anglers and boaters? (issue Oct. 19-Nov. 1) 

Release the grizzlies
Gee, the state who want[ed] to make sure that surfers and swimmers are attacked by great white sharks does not want people to fish? I say that they need to release grizzly bear into Griffith Park and The Presidio.Why should surfer[s] and swimmer[s] be the only one risking death while enjoying the outdoors?
Leroy Achoy


Re: Newport Beach to alter harbor speed limit rules with special consideration for regattas, sailing events (issue Oct. 19-Nov. 1) 

Employees exempt too?
What this article doesn’t mention is that their employees are exempt also. This is crazy having untrained personnel on unmarked boats without any emergency lighting speeding in the harbor. The Harbor Patrol and Lifeguards are the ONLY authorized and safe boat operators that should be exceeding the speed limit. Really Newport????
Concerned Boater

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