Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: A Done Deal: Developers and Orange County Sign Lease for Dana Point Harbor Revitalization (issue Nov. 16-29)

Finally — The Fruits of Labor
Finally. Dana Point harbor is so tired and dated. The charm and character are long gone as it’s in desperate need of a facelift and new life. I, as with most long-time residents, have been waiting years for this project to come to fruition. Definitely looking forward to a brand new Dana Point Harbor.


Re: Questions Abound about Prowler vs. Attessa IV collision (issue Nov. 16-29)

Comment from GoFundMe Page
From the GoFundMe page was this comment: “What about the man that died? You should give money to their family. My husband was on that boat and I heard of the negligence. No radar on. Captain getting soup while the 2nd captain was laying down. The radar was off. A man died they saw him die. His brain was coming out of his head. His family deserves that money for their negligence. This is ridiculous.”

Not exactly the official version but certainly sounds plausible.

 Careless Seamanship
How could this happen? Reserve Captain(s) at the helm(s) – careless seamanship. Even if Prowler at fault – the Billionaire owner’s insurance co. will settle. Far deeper pockets than the Prowler. With a Death – HUGE potential liability. From one who used to practice maritime law – loooong ago.
Tom Schiff



Re: American Legion Yacht Club readies to take legal action against Post 291 after lock-out (issue Nov. 16-29)

Unsurprising ego struggles
Not surprised about Post 291 and their yacht club. There is always an ongoing ego struggle with the Post Commander and what goes on at the yacht club. Consensus of opinion is that if anyone is having fun that it should be stopped immediately!!! Current Commander is darkest yet. It’s just a total power struggle between grown men who should really know better. But they are bitter and old and out of it. Could never figure it out but it’s an ongoing thing there.

The YC used to be a lot of fun but apparently that rubs some folks the wrong way. Instead of maintaining a wonderful environment that gives pleasure and comfort to many, it seems like the minute it starts to work well the Commander has to pull a Trump. We just laugh about it cause it’s so predictable. [We have] been members there for years, but this is the most escalated it’s ever been. No one really understands why. Is it because the YC didn’t get PERMISSION to buy a committee boat like every other YC in the harbor owns? YC pays all the boat bills, boat stays on an offshore mooring. Most ridiculous stuff ever yet. Can’t imagine anyone even thought they’d have to ask for permission for that.

Interesting that YC dues are payable at the beginning of the year so all members are paid in full until Dec. 31st and yet no one can use the yacht club and there are certainly no refunds in the making. I think the legal case should be interesting.
Susan Onaboat


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