Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: Gas tax hike survives voter repeal effort (issue Nov. 30-Dec. 14) 

California dummies
Apparently, the people of California are the dumbest of the dumb. Why else would they keep voting for higher taxes to pay for roads? This has been going on since the fifties when they first started putting in transcontinental highways and larger interstate roads. There was to be a fund to maintain them. Yea—right! The money was spent on things like Brown’s CHOO-CHOO to nowhere. They should have just flushed it down the toilet.
Wayne Ford


Re: City of Redondo Beach is victorious in lawsuit against waterfront developers CenterCal (issue Nov. 30-Dec. 14)

The “no growth” agenda
Another victory for the “no growth” agenda that keeps Redondo Beach looking like a dirty relic while every other city up and down the coast has managed to get it together. Meanwhile, the pier parking structure is crumbling, visitors flock to other places to do their seaside shopping that are not just a row of tacky souvenir shops and butt-old dining options, the most iconic structure that people associate with the city is the semi-abandoned power plant they can’t agree what to do with, and Redondo’s actual mall is a veritable ghost town.
Jonathan Z.


Re: Martins Beach and Coastal Access:What’s Next? (issue Nov. 30-Dec. 14) 

Is California’s government heading the direction of South Africa?
Although Californians have the right to use all of the state’s beaches, they don’t have the right to trespass through private property to access that beach, or to require the private property owner to provide and maintain the infrastructure needed for access.

If the State wants Khosla’s land, private road and private parking space so citizens have easier access to the beach, then that should compensate him instead of trying to seize the land like they’re the South African government and he’s a white farmer.
Francis Drouillard


Re: The perils of inattention and exhaustion (issue Nov. 30-Dec. 14)

Both vessels are at fault — PERIOD!
According to ColRegs, a collision between two vessels is the fault of BOTH vessels, PERIOD! Percentage of blame will be assessed following an extensive investigation by, among others, USCG. This tragedy is even more complicated due to the loss of a life, and other serious injuries along with possible considerations for criminal charges. At this point ONLY the two crews KNOW what the conditions were both with the WX and with the vessels. No one should speculate ANYTHING. These are two professional crews and hopefully until we learn what the FACTS are they will be treated as such. My heart goes out to the man who lost his life and those injured, AND to the Captains and crews of BOTH boats. Having been a Captain in both Mission Bay and San Diego Bay for 35 years and a crewmember on many other vessels including the Prowler for over 45 years, I know how tough the job can be. God Bless them all.
Captain Ken Guyer


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One thought on “Letters/Online Comments

  • Jay Shapiro

    Regarding the “Less-than-specks” logic of letter writer Leroy Achoy (Dec 28-Jan 10):
    Mr. Achoy uses the faulty argument that humans are much too small compared to the sun to have any effect on climate change. This ignors the following facts:
    1. The earth’s temperature is determined by the delicate balance between the energy received from the sun, and the energy re-radiated back into space
    2. Greenhouse gases, like CO2 hold in more of the energy, thus raising the temperature
    3. Atmospheric CO2 levels have risen steadily in the last hundred years, and dramatically in the last two decades. Levels in the atmosphere have not been this high for 400,000 years (and yes, this has been scientifically verified).
    4. The rise in the CO2 level is caused by Anchoy’s “specks” burning countless tons of fossil fuels, releasing this gas into our atmosphere.



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