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Re: There’s a new harbormaster in Newport Beach (issue Dec. 28-Jan. 10)

 Is a fire suppression plan needed in Newport Beach?
It will be important for the new Newport Beach harbormaster to develop a comprehensive fire suppression plan for the private vessels at the 1,200 moorings and anchorage areas in Newport Harbor. The current lack of an internal Newport Beach fire department resource to provide fire pumping, dewatering and access by State certified firefighters creates an enhanced risk to the public. Ad-hoc exterior fire attack services by the O.C. Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol, while well intentioned, do not provide the public using the recreational environment of Newport Harbor with adequate fire suppression capabilities needed to rescue persons trapped in an interior vessel compartment fire.
Each vessel at a mooring or anchorage should be viewed as a residence sitting over a gasoline station floating in the water. The myriad of electrical systems, hazardous materials, confined spaces and volatile flammable and combustible fuels add to the seriousness of the challenge in firefighting efforts for land-based firefighters operating on the water.
P. Matheis


Question for P. Matheis
Matheis are you a member of Newport Beach Fire Department?

I can’t remember for sure, but I don’t think there has EVER been a life lost in Newport Harbor because the harbor patrol didn’t board a boat and rescue a victim during a fire. Please remind me if there was.
Concerned Boater  


Re: Dana Point Harbor Partners moves in as the harbor’s landlord (issue Dec. 28-Jan. 10)

Layoffs, outsourcing and unexpected boat slip increase
I would like to see The Log comment on the layoffs of marina personnel, outsourcing of some marina jobs and the unexpected boat slip increases. Concerning the boat slip increases, it was explained that DPHP has instituted a new way to calculate rates based on boat length. Surprise most all rents when up around $50.00/month or more. Not sure what the boaters are getting in return. Looks like a money grab to me.
Interested in what you can find out as I know information has been very hard to come by.
Garry Overstreet


Re: Huntington Beach establishes new commission for Harbour (issue Dec. 28-Jan. 10)

 Boating representation in Huntington Harbour
YES! Huntington Harbour needs representation and involvement of local residents. We have an abundance of issues, including aging infrastructure and boat access through Anaheim Bay; cleanliness and storm run-off pollution. Hopefully our best and brightest will step forward to provide needed leadership!
Dee Wood


Re: In Memoriam: Art Henry (issue Dec. 28-Jan. 10)

 A gentleman and a true professional
Art was a gentleman and a true professional. He was supportive of our recreational boating industry, and was a regular at the California Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) annual Legal Seminars and Dinner Dances, the latter always with Judy on his arm. He will truly be missed.
Art was a respected colleague for over 25 years, and I can truly say he was one of the nicest, most helpful marine industry professionals I ever had the benefit of working with and knowing.
My condolences to Judy, Jesse and Kelly, as well as to all who knew him and who will also miss his warm smile and helpful demeanor. Smooth seas and fair winds, old friend.
Dean A. West

The marine industry’s best
One of the best in the marine business and a great guy to say the least. He will be missed by all.
Craig Belden


Re: Federal law requires engine cut-off switch for small crafts (issue Dec. 28-Jan. 10) 

Common practice
Something that’s been common practice for a long time already …
James Conner via Facebook



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  • January 25, 2019 at 3:39 pm

    RE: Sea Lions in Oceanside

  • January 25, 2019 at 3:46 pm

    The Sea Lion Island in Oceanside, though a very good idea, suffers from a design flaw. Saddly, the deck of the island was constructed in such a way that is sits 4-5″ higher than the nearby guest dock fingers. Predictably, our piniped pals find it much easier to haul out on the dock fingers than on the island. Any other marinas considering this solution should insure that the deck height is low enough so as to not discourage use and that the underwater flotation is sufficient to support the weight of numerous lions.



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