Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: Dock Lines: What services can boaters expect during the government shutdown? (issue Jan. 11-24)

Keep opinions to yourself … as long as they support the “fake news” agenda
I have enjoyed reading Ms. Nicole’s column several times until I got down to the last few paragraphs of this latest article. Ms. Nicole just had to inject politics into her article, and it angered me that even The Log was allowing fake news into its paper. Ms. Nicole thinks the situation along the southern border of the United States is “nothing approaching a national emergency at the border,” and is “just a manufactured crisis for political gain.” A person must be completely out of touch with the almost daily news of drugs, human trafficking, coyote-led groups of individuals and families, unaccompanied children, and criminals crossing into the U.S., and the hundreds of illegal aliens entering from countries all over the world that our U.S. Border Patrol is tasked with trying to stop. This does not even include the caravans of people coming up from some South American countries that we have been witnessing recently, which in reality is not a new event for Border Patrol. The U.S. is backlogged in the number of illegal aliens and immigrants applying for asylum it can process, and most of these people are released into the U.S. on a promise to return for their court date, which they rarely do. A manufactured crisis? Really? I was born and raised in San Diego, and have lived here with few exceptions for over 70 years. I have seen our illegal immigration grow by leaps and bounds over all those years, and in my opinion, in which I am not alone, it has definitely reached a national emergency crisis. So, for the sake of The Log, and for not turning articles in it into fake news, how about we keep our political opinions to ourselves?
Donald Grass


Re: Boating and Waterways seeks input on mandatory boating education (issue Jan. 11-24)

Leery about mandatory boating tests
Being that the vast majority of the deaths and accidents reported happen on lakes and rivers, not in harbors or Pacific, I’m a bit leery of being required to take this test.
Larry Nelson


Re: The Future is Now: Does Boating and Waterways Need to Evolve? (issue Jan. 11-24) 

Thoughts from a legal liveaboard tenant
It is a tough situation in California. Not enough slips and as a older slips are rebuilt and replaced, fewer slips are added. Slip fees keep increasing which have a big problem with me. Marina del Rey, as an example, was developed for recreational boaters and the boating industry. Now, it’s about apartment lifestyles. What REALLY infuriates me is the apartments now use terms like “great views of the boats,” to attract renters. Why should boaters pay more in slip fees to appease the apartment dwellers?

Boaters should have LOWER slip fees for this. Sorry, I regress …

Where can new boaters keep their new boat? With no slips and high fees, boat storage is almost nonexistent. This in itself is a deterrent to buying.

I will say it warms my heart to see young children take group sailing lessons. They gain a love of boating, but then what? Few can afford a small boat and slip/storage, so they charter, which also costs quite a bit. Fractional ownership boats can be found, so long as you plan your two weeks use available when you are ready.

Truth be told, I am a legal liveaboard and often wonder why I stay.
Larry Nelson


Re: Dana Point Harbor Partners moves in as the harbor’s landlord (issue Dec. 28-Jan. 10)

No liveaboards or dinghys in the water?
We hear rumors that liveaboards will not be allowed and dinghys are not going to be allowed in the water behind your boats. This doesn’t work for the larger boats as they will not fit on swim steps.
Ted Speedy


Re: Letters/Online Comments (issue Jan. 11-24)

In response to the “less-than-specks” logic
Regarding the “Less-than-specks” logic of letter writer Leroy Achoy (Dec 28-Jan 10):
Mr. Achoy uses the faulty argument that humans are much too small compared to the sun to have any effect on climate change. This ignores the following facts:
1. The earth’s temperature is determined by the delicate balance between the energy received from the sun, and the energy re-radiated back into space
2. Greenhouse gases, like CO2 hold in more of the energy, thus raising the temperature
3. Atmospheric CO2 levels have risen steadily in the last hundred years, and dramatically in the last two decades. Levels in the atmosphere have not been this high for 400,000 years (and yes, this has been scientifically verified).
4. The rise in the CO2 level is caused by Achoy’s “specks” burning countless tons of fossil fuels, releasing this gas into our atmosphere.
Jay Shapiro

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