Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: Redondo Beach changes course on boat launch ramp plans (June 30-July 13 issue)

 Launch ramp did exist in King Harbor

I’m old enough to correct the last sentence in this story. There WAS a boat launch ramp when King Harbor was first built. My Dad launched his trailer boat there many times. The old launch ramp seemed to fall victim to future developments.

Tom Meier


Re: Marine Engine and Equipment Thefts: Protect Yourself (June 30-July 13 issue)

 Where are the hot spots?

Is there a database of recent thefts across SoCal that can be accessed to see what areas are being targeted and what has been stolen? That would give us a heads up if we are in a “hot” area and should be more vigilant.



 Re: Co-existing with Sea Lions: Don’t Become a Viral Hit (June 16-29 issue)

 Use common sense

I don’t blame the animals at all. I blame the majority for being too stupid to be anywhere near these animals, thereby initiating conflict and putting themselves in harm’s way. Yes, the animals are nice to look at and appreciate, but it must be done with common sense. Take your photos from a safe distance and think before you do stupid things.



Re: Redondo Beach shifts mooring management to private firm (June 16-29 issue)

 Boaters were able to anchor

“Boaters were unable to moor in the harbor for the previous 25 years.” But we were able to “anchor,” for free, for the past 25 years. The paid moorings just replaced one of the last free anchorages in Southern California. If you have to pay, you might as well get a slip. I’m speculating that’s why there is no interest in the moorings. Same thing as the moorings off Island White in Long Beach. Great idea to make money, but in practice it doesn’t work. I also speculate the harbor police were too lazy to administer the anchorage as an anchorage. I know the one time I anchored there, on my way down the coast, and in need of a break due to exhaustion, they didn’t seem too happy to see me. But, I admit, they did let me anchor.



Re: Obit: Ken Spaulding


Dear Stacy, I never knew your dad but from what you wrote about him I can see how close you were. My heart hurts for you as I know the pain myself. It sounds like a lovely way for his burial sunset and with his beloved dog Molly. ♡♡♡ With love, Dennis & Gale

Gale Whidden


 Re: Will California’s boaters and drivers successfully revolt against gas tax hike? (June 16-29 issue)

 Unnecessary gas tax

The gas tax is a real boondoggle. The state seems to funnel it to other programs the same way that the FEDs do with Social Security.

Anthony Schuck


Same old story

Originally the gas tax was passed to build and maintain roads, bridges. The legislature then decided it would be of more, and better use to put it in the general fund…it was used for welfare, it was used to fund calpers, it was used for everything but roads. If Jerry Brown gets his finger in this pie, it will again be used for everything but roads. I’ve even heard that he already has plans to divert a portion to fund legal representation for undocumented individuals. As for other sources, they always threaten schools, emergency services to be cut if they don’t get their way. Is anyone else tired of hearing that?



Trivial train project

If Governor Brown would have put all the money he has spent on his silly train project into roads, we would all be miles ahead.

dan madden


 Re: California anglers warned: great white fishing’s illegal (June 16-29 issue)

 Surfers and swimmers as shark bait

So the Commies in Sacramento would rather feed surfers and swimmers to the Great Whites, than do the right thing, which is to catch them before they attack little kids on their boogie boards.

Leroy Achoy



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