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Re: Don’t Let The Tax Man Slip by You: Possessory Interest Taxes and You (Aug. 25-Sept. 7 issue)

Here are My Thoughts

Glad to see this article. I have been outspoken about this very subject since being in a Dana Point slip. These are my thoughts. The person occupying a slip on Jan. 1 of the year pays the tax for the entire year—even if he moved out the next month. Who pays the tax for temporary use of the slip, i.e. summer only renters and guest slips? This is the most absurd and unfair tax system I have ever heard of. It is the very definition of “taxation without representation.” I attempted to organize a group to fight this egregious rip-off of boaters but apparently no one was interested, so I gave it up. I’ve sold my boat now (got too expensive), so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. However, I’m glad the Colonists had more courage and fought for their rights and had their “Tea Party” to stand up to a corrupt government.

Wayne Ford

A Sneaky Solution

Solution: Go sailing the day they check the slips, in some places Jan 1. Just ask around.

Lifelong Taxpayer


Re: Finding a balance between boaters and SUP yogis (Aug. 11-24 issue)

 Harbors are for boats

Harbors are for providing shelter for boats, docking and maintaining of them and providing a means of navigation to open waters. The cost of constructing and maintaining these harbors is paid for by vessel registrations and taxes. No funds are provided by any other users, however operators of SUPs and those small sailboats and kayakers tend to forget this, and many even tend to think they actually own the harbors – to the point they believe they have the right-a-way and expect boaters to navigate around them, to the point they create serious hazardous situations. We need some serious, strictly enforced rules for those who want to make use of harbors before we start seeing some very bad “road rage” and/or accidents. Also, the companies that rent these human powered craft and small sailboats need to be held accountable and bonded to ensure responsibility and liability in event of accidents.

Wayne Ford

Safety is Sea Dog Yoga’s priority

Thank you to Log and Nina for featuring Sea Dog Yoga in this article. Although it has a somewhat negative tone towards sup yoga in relation with boating, I believe it’s important to each examine how we are contributing to or hindering harbor safety, if we are operating in the harbor. We teach each student the importance of watercraft safety and rules of the waterways, which I can appreciate growing up as a boater. It is always important paddle boarders understand to give boats the right of way, and on the same token it is important that boaters realize the harbor can be for everyone who is willing to participate in harbor safety rules. We teach and have practiced water safety in our respective training certification courses, and it is up to the instructor to relate this safety information to the students. And each business may have differing safety practices. Safety is a top priority at Sea Dog Yoga and we strive for the quality of class over quantity of students. Also, we recently increased our fleet and offer class for up to five students now!

Elizabeth White

Oblivious SUP users

The rental companies should give renters basic courtesy rules. Most SUP users don’t even know what is around them. They don’t realize that operating sail and power boats is not easy in some conditions.

Tom R.

Kayaks also an issue

Let’s not just single out SUPs. Kayakers too have no idea what’s going on. Sometimes, this means that people are renting for the first time and have no idea how to control them. I have personally had to put my boat in reverse because someone decided to cross my bow on my way out to sea. Personally, I can’t wait until 2018 for people to have a valid boaters ID and sure hope that rule goes towards ALL SUPs, kayaks and other water toys that don’t require registration.

Chad H.


Re: Request to rename park after Ralph Rodheim denied (Aug. 11-24 issue)

 City should honor citizen

This city of Newport Beach has done it again. They have a policy of not naming parks after people but have done so on two other occasions – John Wayne and Bob Henry. I know nothing about Mr. Henry, but John Wayne was a resident not a citizen. Mr. Rodheim was very involved with many aspects of city life and was a great asset for our city. He, above all, deserved the honor of having this little park named after him. As always, our city council didn’t have the stuff they should have to honor a real citizen.

Rick Ingold


Re: Channel Islands Harbor awarded the 2017 Trip Advisors Certificate of Excellence (Aug. 11-24 issue)

Hard to use harbor

Why does Lyn Krieger continue to not issue permits to enjoy our harbor? Makes no sense. The residents are having a very hard time enjoying their harbor, because she and the county would rather see it developed with 400 luxury apartments so slowly they are not allowing water activities on the Eastside of CI Harbor. Just ask the paddleboarders/kayakers! Why is the harbor director not allowing PUBLIC TO USE THEIR OWN PAID FOR HARBOR?

Dotty Pringle


Re: Coronado re-opens Glorietta Bay’s boat launch ramp (July 28-Aug. 10 issue)

 Shelter Island launch ramp work is a joke

I enjoyed the article about the recent upgrades to the Coronado Launch Ramp. Is it too late to see if that crew could oversee the upgrades to the Shelter Island Launch Ramp? It is a source of entertainment for many in the area to see the progress or lack thereof!  We check on the progress several times per week and frequently see that nothing has changed. There were two workers this morning for a couple of hours, but most days no one is even there. Why have they fenced more than half of the parking lot with two lonely pieces of equipment in it? Several boaters gave up this morning after waiting for almost an hour to back into the launch ramp. Why does the launch ramp lane keep getting smaller without any progress? If you’re in need of entertainment, bring a lawn chair and watch for a while! But, hurry, it closes on Sept. 5. On second thought, why not just leave a couple of lanes open until then?

Diane Conaway


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