Letter to the Editor: Must Everyone Wear a PFD at Every Moment?

Byline: Joya Baker

This is a response to Jan Ryder’s “Dog Aboard” comments in the Sept. 14-27 issue’s Letters to the Editor. (Ryder asserted that both the dog and its owner pictured aboard a dinghy in the “Dog Aboard” feature published in the Aug. 31-Sept. 13 issue should have been wearing life jackets.)

While no one would disagree that life preservers are important safety devices and have a time and place, it’s people like Ms. Ryder who seem hell-bent on ruining “recreational” boating as we know it.

With regard to the statement about adults always needing to wear life jackets in their dinghies in the harbor: That’s totally absurd! I’ve never seen adults riding around the bay in their dinghies with life jackets.

It seems to me this is all about controlling others, not “safety.”

Feel free to wear one. But don’t get me started …

Joya Baker, Chanel’s “Mom”
San Diego


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