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Q: RE: “Balboa Island Ferry Reader Q&A Has Been in Service for Over 100 Years”

True or false. The Fun Zone is being sold? Sad if this is true, and what would happen to our ferry?

A: The Discovery Cube, a nonprofit science center, is planning to sell the property that The Balboa Fun Zone is on, because of the financial impacts of COVID-19. The sale will include the Fun Zone building, a 21,400 square foot marina, a boardwalk, including the Ferris wheel and other rides, and the parking garage. There is no indication of what the new buyer would do with The Fun Zone. The original announcement came out on Dec. 2, 2020, but the property was not officially listed until Feb. 16, according to a March 1 article from Spectrum News 1. The ferry is privately owned by the Beeker family and is not included in the sale.

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