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Q: Does anyone know if there are any restrictions regarding how much the new private operators can raise slip fees in DPH [Dana Point Harbor]? It seems that slips fees were reasonable when the harbor was managed by the county. I am afraid the new private operators will do the Irvine Company “thing” and constantly raise slip fees to the point that it brings boaters to their knees (which Cal Rec-AKA Irvine Co does in Newport Harbor).

Budget Boater

A: Readers may remember in October 2018 the Orange County Board of Supervisors approved a 66-year lease with Dana Point Harbor Partners, which is made up of Burnham Ward Properties; Bellwether Financial and Bellingham Marine; and R. D. Olson, to redevelop and operate Dana Point Harbor. County oversight of slip leases is outlined in section 11.9 of that lease and requires the lessee to provide 30 days advance written notice to the county and all tenant and/or licensees under existing slip leases of any raises in the slip rental rates along with rationale for such raise and methodology for determining the raise. Section 11.4 of the lease provided DPHP the authority to establish market rates for transient boat slips.

The lease approved ‘Slip License Agreement’ which slip tenants enter states “Owner understands that the Company may increase the Slip Fee and/or other fees at any time upon thirty (30) days-notice to Vessel Owner.”

While DPHP will be required to provide at least 30 days notice of slip increases, those increases will be determined by them, with a small amount of oversight from the county.

The Log reached out to Ralph Grippo, Principal at Bellwether Financial Group, the marina developer under Dana Point Harbor Partners, and asked about the plans for slip increases.

“Dana Point Harbor slip rates have remained the same for several years – well-below market average. We will review the slip rates by conducting a market survey looking at similar regional marinas,” said Grippo in an email. “There is significant demand at Dana Point Harbor with a long waitlist due to easy access and marina facilities, which will also be a consideration. As operator of the marina, we are required to provide a minimum of a 30-day notice to tenants and the county. Our goal is to continue providing opportunities for tenants to enjoy Dana Point Harbor.”


Q: RE: “Catalina Island reopens for leisure travel as Los Angeles County eases COVID restrictions”

No Flyer service during this time? Just the Express?

@timstuart7 via Twitter


A: Both the Catalina Express and Catalina Flyer are currently traveling to and from Catalina Island. Capacity on the Flyer has been reduced from 600 to 325 to allow for social distancing between passengers and until further notice, passengers and employees are required to wear a face covering or mask when waiting in line to board and while on board the vessel. For a limited time, the Flyer is offering $21 off an adult round-trip ticket. Visit catalinainfo.com for more information or to purchase tickets.


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