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Reader supports new revamped San Diego waterfront

Re: ‘Visually arresting’ proposal gains Port of San Diego’s favor (July 29 issue). “Often overlooked, the 30 acres of water at Seaport will bring significant ‘added value’ with improved facilities for the fishing fleet, new and improved marina slips, the addition of state-of-the-art megayacht berthing facilities, and dock and dine public piers,” Gaffen stated. Amen, Mr. Gaffen. San Diego boaters need access to downtown. I welcome both the landmark spire and the plan to include public docks and slips in this project!

Len P

Remembering their four-legged pal

In your November 24, 2005 issue you published a Dog Aboard picture of my husband and our dog Woody on one of our kayaks. Woody lived to the ripe old age of 16. The water must be good for dogs. The other day, we initiated our new puppy, Misi, to kayaking. She took to it just like Woody.

Jane O’Dea

Enamored by Catalina Island

Re: Catalina Island: Southern California’s resort getaway destination (July 29 issue). My wife and I got married at Catalina! We stayed at the Zane Grey for a week! Best time in our lives!

Albert Ybarra

Fond memories aboard Argus

Re: Argus to sail once more (Jan. 30, 2014 issue). My fiancé and I (now married for 34 years) were passengers on Argus in 1981 for the Christmas Parade in Newport Harbor. She was an awesome vessel then and every year brings back memories of the time on that ship.

Ed Randall

Questions surrounding Redondo Beach revitalization

Re: New Aquatic Center opens in National City (July 15 issue). Envious Redondo Beach resident and sailor here. Our city established a goal to “Be the premier waterfront location on the West Coast.” The shopping center developer our representatives chose to make it happen have proposed changes that create unsafe and unhealthful swimming and boating conditions, reduce space and eliminate facilities for existing, popular canoe clubs, sailing clubs and eliminate boat slips. If our Harbor Commission approves the plan and the problematic EIR, lawsuits and a public initiative are sure to follow. Why did Redondo Beach hire a retail mall developer instead of a waterfront developer like Safdie Rabines Architect? That’s a great question. Perhaps no one at Safdie Rabines has hooks into RB City Hall. Personally, I think we need a bigger harbor due to increased demand for marine recreation and weakness of the retail shopping sector.

Sara Burns

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Pokémon’s and marinas

The Log: ‪#‎PokemonGo and ‪#‎boating can become (is becoming?) a thing, according to this blog post. Is this a fad or something here to stay? Has Pokémon GO already come to your marina or harbor? (Re. Catching Millennials with Pokemon Go, Boating Industry article posted July 19)

Sara Burns: I don’t do Pokémon, but am a geocacher. Some geocaches may only be located while boating, snorkeling or diving. As long as we keep safety first and respect property rights, both seem like fun adjuncts to boating, even if you never leave the marina as so many water enthusiasts do.

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