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Replacing parking lots with bayfront Park is a step in the right direction

San Diego’s bayfront is an ideal place to watch cruise ships come in; people watch and catch boats sailing in the bay. But there are only limited places to sit and appreciate all the harbor has to offer since busy streets and traffic often obstruct those views.
Not anymore.

The County Of San Diego will open the newly constructed Waterfront Park to the public during a special ceremony on May 10. And not a day to soon, as the park will be a site for residents and tourists to enjoy all the bay has to offer. Specifically, bay views and open space.

Views of the bay, vessels docked at the cruise ship terminals and the towering sails from the Maritime Museum of San Diego’s flagship, the Star of India, can all be seen from the new park, referred to as the “Jewel on the Bay.”

“We expect families to picnic, weddings to proliferate – we already conduct more weddings at the county’s headquarters than any two places in the region – and for large gatherings to find a new home thanks to spaces with seating for more than 3,000 and all the electrical and other infrastructure pre-plumbed,” explained San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts.

Creation of the park helps to realize “a long-held vision of a park along the water with views of various shops and boats.”             The project converted two huge parking lots located south of the County Administration Building into a 14-acre park that will feature an 830-foot-long fountain with jets that will shoot water 14 feet up in the air, a promenade, splash pad, public art, theme gardens and a large play area. The space measures 96,000 square feet, hosts 250 parking spaces and 178 public spaces
Additional space for kids and families to recreate and more access to San Diego’s bayfront is just what the city needs.

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