Small boater owner chimes in on DP RFQ

Small boater owner chimes in on DP RFQ

Re: County releases request for qualifications for Dana Point-Harbor (March 25 issue). I hope the county specifies, in any contract that the fees cannot be increased without county approval nor more than the COL maximum. The average working person owning smaller boats has a hard time as it is affording his boating activities and many would not be able to continue if prices increased.

Wayne Ford
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Great story on local business

Re: Dock Lines: Sea Chest gives new life to surplus marine gear (March 25 issue). I didn’t know it was still open. An interesting store to browse and service to mariners. We haven’t been in there in years, but always found something we needed. We’ll go back soon. Thanks.

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Great place to get raw water pumps

Re: Dock Lines: Sea Chest gives new life to surplus marine gear (March 25 issue). I get my reman’d water pumps for my 3208’s. Mr. von Der Ahe even gets them all reconfigured for me. Awesome, helpful, honest.

Dave Talcott
California Sun Yacht Charters
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Veteran journalist recalls time with publication

Re: Former publisher looks back on publication’s history (June 19, 2015 issue). One of my favorite people, ever. Launched my journalism career and gave me, as a 20-year-old student at San Diego State, a wonderful job with a great atmosphere. Lou is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, with a great sense of humor. I miss him.

Thomas K. Arnold 
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Consider our coastline

The Log Newspaper: Our latest #political #cartoon mocks the redevelopment process, with growth & #economic benefits on one side versus coastal protection and skepticism of #CorporateAmerica on the other. What’s your take?

Chris Winter: There needs a balance. What coast we have left to develop is limited as most of it is now in a preserved status. A landowner is entitled to do whatever they want with their lands if they cannot than the environmentalists need to compensate the owner.

Sara Burns: Here in Redondo (ReCondo) Beach, the waterfront redevelopment conflict pits crony backers of a retail “lifestyle” shopping center versus public supporters interested in preserving boating and other marine activities for the public.

Congrats, Ray Ashley!

Re: Spain to honor SD Maritime Museum CEO
(March 25 issue). Congrats, Ray Ashley. I’ve visited your museum. San Salvador is a great piece of art. 

Adam Kor
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