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Stop destroying our maritime heritage

Re: Saying goodbye to another slice of San Diego maritime heritage (Aug. 26 issue). The Red Sails Inn was a home away from home for me when I would come to San Diego to study for my Coast Guard License upgrades and renewals. The food was always dependable, great value for the price. The staff was always welcoming and who could not love having the fireplace going on a cold, rainy morning. I don’t know why this nation seems to want to destroy our maritime heritage. Some things and traditions need to be kept and places like the Red Sails Inn is one of them. Wishing the owners and staff the best. You will be missed. You can never be replaced!

Capt. MK Riewer

 Keep public lands as such

Re: Marina waterfront properties continue to be valuable to developers (Aug. 26 issue). What about public lands? The Fisherman’s Wharf in Channel Islands Harbor, across from the Casa Sirena Project, is necessary to our boating community, current residents, and tourists. Existing commercial interests are being asked to shift, move out, etc. while our local government agencies are deciding to lease the land to a private developer for a 390 apartment complex with serious transportation and access issues. Public land should be for public use!

Jackie Pinson

Everlasting memories

Re: Saying goodbye to another slice of San Diego maritime heritage (Aug. 26 issue). Many of us are saddened at the loss of an iconic restaurant, a victim of modernization, which we understand, like the impending closure of Anthony’s fish grotto. While a student pilot, I was working at Anthony’s Star of the Seas where I met my wife. We used to go on dates at Red Sails, where I fell in love with her, where she announced that she was expecting our child. We will never forget the place because of the lasting memories.

Patrick Leminous

Ret. Capt. United Airlines

An inspirational figure

Re: David Fraser: A lifelong love of boats and yachts (Aug. 26 issue). We love your story and overall we see it like an inspiration for our kids. Thanks very much for all the work you give us and working with your company is a pleasure.

John Fontaine

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Last meal at Red Sails Inn

 The Log: Red Sails Restaurant on Shelter Island is going to close down on Aug. 31. This is where The Log started. We will miss this place. (Published Aug. 25).

Scott Beachbum: We were in town from Denver on Saturday and heard this from a local so we went an had a beer or three. Sad news the wife and I would always stop here for breakfast when in town.

Gary Green: When I eat there it’s always been great! Used to be the best place in town for breakfast and made a mean Bloody Mary! Sorry to hear this.

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