Where have all the maritime icons gone?

Re: Saying goodbye to another slice of San Diego’s maritime heritage (Aug. 26 issue). This is heartbreaking, my husband and I discovered Red Sails 34 years ago when visiting San Diego. When we moved here 32 years ago, we had breakfast there every weekend as we raised our children. We just started taking our grandchildren there a few years ago; I can’t believe they won’t grow up skipping around the fountain like my kids! I loved their food and charm of the interior … another small town San Diego icon gone. I doubt I’ll even try the Ketch or whatever they call the new restaurant and I’m sure they won’t serve chipped beef on toast…argg what is the world coming to?


Build the desal plant

Re: Is desalination the answer to our persistent drought problems? (Sept. 9 issue). We need this plant. Stop supporting the “NIMBY’S” We are in a very long drought, and we are dragging down the water supplies from the Colorado River, that will be dry if we don’t try to supplement our water needs.

Doug Chappell

An important rule

Re: Illegal passenger-for-hire operations on uptick in San Diego (Aug. 26 issue). Although the article mentions safety equipment for the boats, it totally ignored the fact that the vessel must have a USCG licensed captain. This entails considerable education in all aspects of boating and passing a monitored test. This is to ensure the safety of the passengers, who literally put their lives in the hands of the captain. This requirement applies only if people pay for the trip, there are no requirements for private vessels who do take out people for free.


Change is good

Re: Illegal passenger-for-hire operations on uptick in San Diego (Aug. 26 issue). Get used to “Change is good and Progress.” Much like ride sharing, home sharing, car sharing, boat sharing. One should be allowed to share their boats allowing for more people to be able to afford to keep their boats and enjoy their passion and be able to share with others at a much more reasonable price then the expensive charter biz, which by the way takes a large cut from the privately owned boats anyways.

Protecting the consumer and making sure vessels are safe and safely operated with adequate insurance and therefore also requiring “reasonable” taxes is good. But that’s the way of “free enterprise,” right!?

If I/you/someone invented a better computer, home, car, bus, aircraft, form of travel or better way to make it more affordable to the consumer then you wouldn’t want those industries to stop us all from benefiting from those innovations and inventions or your inventions to be halted by governments would you?

Gotta roll with the times. Though I do understand that you may lose some or all of your business to a “new economy” especially with innovations like Uber.

Change is tough but necessary for the greater good.


Raising costs

Re: Illegal passenger-for-hire operations on uptick in San Diego (Aug. 26 issue). I have only used professional fishing operations over the many years; however, I think part of the problem with the loss of business to the charter vessels are the exponentially rising costs. I used to be able to go out about a dozen times a year, but now I can barely afford and rationalize more than two to three trips a year now.


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  • September 23, 2016 at 12:11 pm

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