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Boat Street Marina

Pumpout available for boats up to 55 feet long; 30 and 50 AMP power available. No other marine services or amenities available.

1101 N.E. Boat Street, Seattle, WA 98105

Phone: 206-634-2050

Dockmaster: Dockmaster: Steven Agnew

Quantity: Slips: 100

Rates: Call.

One thought on “Boat Street Marina

  • William F Draper

    I will be up in Seattle TUESDAY , AUG 24

    Coming up to look at an abandoned Sailboat , not sure I will be buying this one , and would like to look at least 2 more , not looking for much , able to do work on them as needed I hope ? Anybody know of any boat that the owner just wasnt able to take care of anymore , owner moved away or what have you let me know . basically looking for something 27 to 30 ft , my last boat was a 36 MORGAN with no working motor . I am looking to sail or float into HAWAII , in Los Angeles CA right now , haven’t been able to get on with anybody sailing from here , $ As much as i don’t have .




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