Bahia Corinthian YC raises money for Marines

Yacht Club will fund “Special Forces Home for the Holidays” program.

NEWPORT BEACH—A select group of U.S. Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton will be able to spend time at home this holiday season, thanks to a Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club fundraiser. The Bahia Corinthian YC “Special Forces Home for the Holidays” program, which was spearheaded by club member and former Marine Richard “Dick” Stone, well send more than one thousand Marines home for the final few weeks of 2020.

The program was initiated in 2003. Enough money was raised this year to fund more than 1,000 Marines going home this holiday season, according to a Bahia Corinthian YC spokesman.

“‘Home for the Holidays’ is focused on three Marine units that include the First Force Reconnaissance Company; the First Marine Special Operations Battalion; and the First Marine Radio Battalion,” Bahia Corinthian YC’s spokesman said in a released statement. “Thanks to generous donations and support from club members, each year Stone has meticulously arranged transportation for Marines to who might not otherwise be able to travel home for the holidays – and this year, Stone says this year is even more important due to the Covid pandemic and lockdown which has restricted travel for many.”

Stone said the program was initially launched to allow 10 Marines to attend the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade.

“We started ‘Home for the Holidays; in 2003 with BCYC hosting ten Marines from the First Force Recon to enjoy the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade,” Stone said. “The next year, more were invited to opening day ceremonies, then prime rib nights, and Las Commodores began hosting luncheons for wives of deployed Marines. That has expanded to our annual Toy Drive in support of the Battalion Christmas Party, which has also morphed to our successful “Home for the Holidays” program.

“The success of the program is a result of the support of our members who have generously donated funds, hosted events, and lent their time and resources in support of our troops,” Stone continued. “These Marines are the first to fight and we want them to know how much they are appreciated, as well as acknowledge the sacrifices their families make when they are deployed.”

The U.S. Marine Corps honored Stone in 2017, when it named the Bahia Corinthian YC member as its recipient for the “Spirit of Hope Award.” The award was granted to Stone during a ceremony held at the Pentagon. Attending the ceremony and presenting Stone with his honor were then Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis. Also in attendance were General Paul J. Selva, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Brigadier General Dennis A. Crall, Director, C4/Chief Information Officer of the US Marine Corps.

More information about the Bahia Corinthian YC “Special Forces Home for the Holidays” program is available online at


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