Balboa Yacht Club Celebrates Centennial Year

NEWPORT BEACH一 The Balboa Yacht Club holds to the motto “A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck,” a saying that has followed the club from its beginning on the Balboa Peninsula in 1922. BYC will celebrate 100 years in 2022 and kicked off celebrations on Dec. 4 with their annual officer installation and year-end meeting; members met for dinner and fireworks. BYC was founded in 1922, originally named the Southland Sailing Club; the club was created by a small group of sailors interested in founding an active sailing organization focused on family sailing. The club started as a small wooden structure on Balboa Peninsula and moved to a new clubhouse on the southeast corner of Little Balboa Island in 1926, according to the BYC website. In 1928 the club underwent a name change. In 1941 the lease on the second clubhouse ran out, and the current clubhouse was built on Bayside Drive. In 1957 the club signed a lease with the Catalina Island Company, which gave them an outstation site at Whites Cove, west of Avalon. Club members got to work and took on various projects, including landscaping, plumbing, and cement work, to create another facility on the island.  Over the years, the club has continued to grow, adding regattas and cruises to club events. Most recently, the club hosted the 54th Annual Governor’s Cup in July of this year. The club is planning on several more events throughout the year to mark the centennial anniversary. To learn more about BYC, see their website at

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