Chula Vista YC hosts Jack and Jill Race, June 14

Chula Vista YC hosts Jack and Jill Race, June 14

CHULA VISTA – The beloved doublehanded Jack and Jill Race is scheduled to hit the South Bay on June 14, with several participating boats hoping for an opportunity to snag first place.

Chula Vista Yacht Club has hosted the event for several years, providing boaters with an opportunity o mix up their race teams. The Jack and Jill Race requires each two-member team to consist of a man and a woman.

“At the end of the race they either come back engaged to get married or ready to file for divorce,” joked Mark Peterson, a club director who raced in prior races with his wife.

He admits to not having participated in a few years but that’s only because he oversees the race from the Race Committee boat, he explained.

Participation in the fun-filled race has waned throughout the years, but the club hopes to change that this year by inviting everyone to enter the event. Racers simply need to find a member of the opposite sex to agree to serve as a team member in the fast-paced race.

“You can be related or not, married or not, as long as you’re a man or a woman,” he said. “We have lots of wind and calm seas.”
The race begins at noon and runs a 4-mile course through the San Diego South Bay using existing harbor buoys, with a start and finish inside Chula Vista Harbor.

“It’s an easy course,” Peterson said.

The race is open to any class. There is also a 50/50 pot for the winner.

An after party and awards ceremony will be held once racers are back in their slips at the club. Pennants will be awarded to the top three finishers and drinks and food will be provided during the evening event.

The 2014 Jack and Jill Race will begin at noon, June 14 at Chula Vista YC. Registration is $22. For more information, or to register, visit

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